“Falling leaves of oldest ties

come to me, open my eyes,

as stillness comes

I fall apart

and birth within an awakened heart”


May the year of 2021 be filled with the joy of the greatest response of your life – through the voice of LOVE (Light of Voice Eternal) Within ALL hearts




Worlds Open and celebrate a new beginning. The power of love is eternal and flows through ALL things. There is nothing that is not balanced by this great power and will flow as freely as the great tides unbound.

Unfathomable is the light that dwells within. The “particles of the Universe” flow and guide an unwritten path soon to be celebrated, to be known and knowable.

As worlds collide a great cavern is formed and re-birthed into a new world.

Perceptions, deceptions fall away as truth becomes the way of the heart and the heart of “The Way”. Home is the final destination that has always been.

Celebrate all that you are NOW, for NOW is the only path to the greatest home, the greatest mastery of all – your magnificent HEART”

EXPANSIVE MP3 – “I Choose This NOW” (5.15mins). The energy of this MP3 is truly beautiful to begin and complete your day – go HERE

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