About Victoria


"Open your hearts and imagination, walk in the path of your “I AM BE-IN-G” and listen to your deepest whispers of love.
Your evolution is yours to express through choice, through divine remembrance  

‘Being life – living life - loving life’ as your divine Soul on earth.
This is your greatest experience NOW.
It comes as your own remembrance in the form of an awakened, present, aware & joyous Soul on earth.
Just say yes!"

Spontaneous Awakening



Twenty years ago Victoria had a ‘spontaneous awakening’ at a meditation, literally seeing and feeling a white light open her crown and enter her body. From that moment on she started feeling, hearing and sensing things differently.  “It was so unexpected yet ‘meant to be’.  Apart from one time when I was 18, I had never been to a meditation.  My psychic senses were ignited all at once.  Everything changed and I just had to follow the path that was before me.  My journey has evolved through gentle 'remembrance' and taking time to understand my path on earth.
Victoria now facilitates both in Australia and internationally as a medium and transformer – an ‘Awakener of Hearts’. She creates deep change – not only within herself but in service to assist others to do the same. She facilitates a loving and dynamic space of deep Soul remembrance and connection.

Through personal sessions and group gatherings she transmits and translates the higher frequencies of sound and light – the “Language of Light” or as Victoria says “Language of the Heart”, into the awareness of those that would choose a path of change through love, joy and deeper self-awareness.
She assists people to take ‘quantum leaps’, to remember their higher connections,  psychic gifts and deep truths.  To assist others to remember how extraordinary they really are.

Victoria is the creator of Living Sound-Light Systems, a multi-dimensional course in self-evolution & remembrance for the new world.


When we begin to remember our ‘true identity’ on one level, a domino affect takes place – our DNA, our cells, all of our senses synchronise into a powerful synergy – something begins to ‘tweak’ and expand within.  We recognise and deepen our understanding or our greater journey, our higher path and our greatest remembrance through joyous love”.


Personal sessions in Living Sound Light Systems, Language of Light, voice and channel are available to deepen your connections, remember your evolution and expansion on earth.

“As we grow, we realise that all the steps we take, everything we learn, are simply tools to help us realise that we are already awake, already conscious,
already whole and already LOVE.
Through choosing to be present and aware in our own life, we simply turn the key of remembrance of who we are.  We create a deeper understanding our our great Soul experience on Earth and can embrace deeper wisdom and ‘new’ knowledge, open our hearts and hear the voice of our pure Spirit, our Higher Self, our I AM.
Through this, we realize our connection has always been as ONE” 

Thank you for being here Great Soul,

Personal Life


Victoria lives with her husband David in Tasmania, Australia. She has two children, 2 dogs and 4 chickens!
For many years she has been a constant ‘traveller and companion of Spirit’.  Through her lucid dreams and channeled messages Victoria and David have been guided to many places within Australia such as the Kimberley Ranges, Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Queensland and Tasmania as well as Hawaii, Asia, India, Peru, Bolivia, New Zealand, Japan, France, Ireland, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Israel and Egypt and soon to Guatemala.
Victoria ‘listens’ to the orginal blueprint of earth, the waters and creation elements, song lines, ancient forests and crystals.  “We travel merely as conduits and messengers in service to our own Souls and Soul families – nothing needs ‘fixing’ but simply IS.  Always evolving, ever-changing.
Life can be such a joyous experience -  It is time to remember, it's time to truly see how amazing you are!".  


Group Gatherings
Victoria has facilitated sacred and transformational gatherings and sessions in many places in the world.  The Language of Light, sacred sound, voice tones, Living Sound Light Systems, Munay-Ki Rites, are instrumental to her service which creates deep and dynamic change wherever she is called.