A Soul Blueprint for your collection


A Blueprint Experience for the Collector


For many years now I have been creating expansive divine I AM Blueprints for clients all over the world.

You will recieve a Multi-Dimensional and transformational Art on Canvas – a commissioned Blueprint for your home or work. I use many mediums including pen, ink, powders, pastels, and fine paint.

It is one of my most favourite things to do, creating magic for someone from their Higher Divine!

Please contact Victoria for size and pricing.

What is a Soul Blueprint?


Your I AM presence is like the Master Conductor of an Orchestra and I am part of that orchestra – you guide me and show me the codes, colours, sounds and writings you require to expand, awaken, remember and to grow

Every Blueprint is as unique as every Soul in the Universe.

Your Blueprint is a plan, a story that you wrote, seeded, and birthed into life.  It is never ‘fixed’ and is always moving, shifting, expanding, and evolving.

Of “Star and Stone, the Galaxies and the Omniverse”, you chose to live, learn, love, and create through the many expressions of Self in your multi-faceted dimensional energies.


One of these energies is the human form you have chosen to take now!  


You will continue to write your story and choose your path for as long as your last breath on Earth.  The Blueprint that you chose to express before you came into this physical form will be very different from the one you hold when you depart the physical earth plane.

What this means is you are no longer bound or tied by your past or your future, by your ancestors, or what is known as ‘contracts and agreements of karma’

You are the creator of your own destiny!

Your blueprint is expressions of energy – light and sound, that hold keys that open the many doorways and pathways of your divine plan filled with higher potentials to express, experience and BE.

A Divine Blueprint is like a design or template.  It is like our original ‘recorded data’ – all of our original information of pure sound and light.  Codes and records within an energy field that we each originally held from our Source/Creator – The One.  It is pure energy that shifts and creates as the wind blows and the oceans flow.

Our divine I AM Blueprint is our spark of the One Source that was sent out to experience through many forms of light and sound (our own life experiences and our extended Soul Group’s experiences on Earth and other realms) and eventually to return home – to our ONE Cosmic heart through love.