Living Sound~Light Systems Course & Advanced Modality


The Living Sound~Light Systems are multi-dimensional energy systems of evolution NOW, using advanced techniques that can be used as a modality or for your own personal and unique transformation.

As you immerse in this heart-centered and innovative experience, you will remember, open, explore, create and extend yourself in new and powerful ways, stepping through multiple doorways of expression and connection, reuniting with self through wisdom and joy, and truly honouring your choices on earth.

This is an experience in divine service and remembrance, a deeply rich and truly advanced modality that can assist self and so many to step into their ‘infinite self’ and live an extraodinary life on earth.

“You are an incredible expression of Stars & Stone merging and emerging through your multiple earthly expressions, your dynamic starry experiences, all together, right here, right now –  all at once being, seeing and knowing in the everything that IS”

Living Sound~Light Systems Course & Advanced Modality


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Consisting of 12 heart-centered modules (55 sessions) of transformational teachings the Living Sound-Light Systems will assist your remembrance, deepen your understanding, extend and expand your thinking and enhance your world within the innate and divine power you hold within.

As you move through each module ‘in the presence and awareness of the NOW’, you are being introduced and aligned with sacred teachings well beyond what we call the 5th dimension, aligning through the divine energy of the ‘cosmic earth’ blueprint, the multiple divine Galaxies and Universes, our great Source.
“Each session is a diverse experience to grow into, to embrace, extend & expand your connections and remembrance and to honour your expression as an incredible multi-dimensional being of divine communication, connection and love experiencing on earth.”

The weekly sessions are a unique advanced teaching that will extend your thinking and expand your great heart.  Your multi-dimensional senses will activate as you gently free the old illusions and erroneous perceptions, and step into and align within your divine truth. Through your I AM, you learn to embody your higher dimensional frequencies, through presence you step into a deeper, more conscious awareness and honour your innate divine comprehension of  ‘just being’.


The Living Sound-Light Systems are not only for self-expansion but are a unique ‘modality’ that stands alone, with advanced techniques that can be used to support others through personal & group sessions.  The Systems can also be added to enhance and expand an already existing practice.

If you are looking for something that goes beyond the normal, that utilises the advanced teachings of the kingdoms of earth and star, then this may be for you.

‘An advanced modality that exists within the quantum, brought to earth in practical yet multi-dimensional ways with simple tools to assist remembrance of living a life through your magnificent heart and Soul’

It expands your ability to live on earth as a 5th dimensional Soul, to attract and manifest amazing experiences and connections, to step into a deeper understanding of the innate and divine power you hold within you and to live this divine power on earth.


The topics the Living Sound-Light Systems will cover:
Introduction, Cosmic Elements, Living Sound-Light Temple Teachings, Blue Temple Teachings 1, Star Temple Teachings 1, Pleiadean Teachings, Inner Earth Medicine Teachings, Language of Light-I AM Blueprint, Blue Temple Teachings 2, Star Temple Teachings 2, Quantum Compass, Acceleration Tools & Practical.

*Introduction (2 sessions):  Sacred Self-Sacred Me – stepping into self-care, embodying the sacredness of you.  Self empowerment and preparation for the course;
*Cosmic Elements (5 sessions):  Delving into the sacred and advanced teachings of the elements and how they are ‘creation itself’ within us in every way.  This is a journey of pure love as we glimpse the incredible light and love that we are;
*Living Sound-Light Temple Teachings (6 sessions):  We are living diamonds and spirals of sound and as we ‘spin’ our light through these 13 Temples we open to an infinite well of possibility that is divine!  We journey through each living temple and shed the old and embrace the new.  This is a deep and profound journey of ‘quantum fields and songs of light’ and the epi-centre of our unlimited potential.  We commune with the Temples of Moon-Song, Stone, Star, Higher Love and more;
*Blue Temple Teachings 1 (6 sessions):  Learning from the magnificence of 5D+ Earth and beyond.  Profound expansion, self-healing and working with the innate divine intelligence of the Kingdoms of Earth that are so profoundly pure and whole. We commune with Lemurian Earth Temples, activate our 22 keys with sacred blue, step into our divine ‘meeting place’ tap into the sacred gardens and more;
*Star Temple Teachings 1 (6 sessions):  The compliment to the Blue Temple Teachings we merge with the star essence and learn from the energy that is within us as we learn to live this presence consciously within the merging of ‘Star & Stone’ a phrase that was given to me many years ago.  We commune with Andromeda, our Star Cells, the Goddess and more;
*Pleiadean Teachings (6 sessions):  One of our many ‘multi-dimensional’ families that bring deep love and joy, stories and teachings to assist our remembrance of BEING this LOVE and this JOY in a whole new expression and through a whole new understanding.  We commune with the elementals and Earth Kingdoms, Star Mother Creation and more;
*Inner Earth Medicine Teachings (4 sessions):  We flow deep within the ‘original blueprint of cosmic earth’ and the inner earth knowledge and intelligence.  We learn from the pools of knowledge and connect with the energy of ‘star and stone’ through deepening our own connection to self.  We commune with our Divine Service, the multi-dimensional Crystal Skulls and 13 Temples of Sound and more;
*Language of Light – I AM Blueprint (4 sessions):  Stepping int a vibration of creating your own divine blueprint.  Opening to your own inner world of language, sound, colour.  The scribe, voice and language of your own I AM;
*Blue Temple Teachings-2 (4 sessions):  Continue the deepening of your connection with the cosmic vibration of Earth.  We open to the rich and pure ‘fires and flame’, stepping deeper into our truth as quantum beings and merging with the truth.  We ignite the 33 sacred keys and learn the teachings of the ‘Flame of Shima’ that is simply profound;
*Star Temple Teachings-2 (4 sessions):  Continuing our experience with Star Temple Teachings 1, we connect with the ancients of Mu, the temples of Whales, go deeper into the energy with 44 sacred keys and BE the bridges of the Christos;
*Quantum Compass (4 sessions):  We ‘dance’ the sound and light of BE-IN-G, learn to be ‘everywhere in the now, all at once’.  We spin the 55 keys of the multiple pure gateways of Dragons and learn that we are multiple fields of ‘self-healing’.  We learn the technique as a 5D L.O.V.E. scan;
*Practice & Completion (4 sessions):  Stepping in sharing and practicing all that you have learnt.  Group and personal one-on-one sharing.
*Certificates:  There is no other journey like this right now.  Well done and congratulations on birthing something wholly unique for yourself and to assist others if you so choose.  The world awaits your magnificence!

What’s Included

Each session comes with live weekly zooms, recordings of sessions, audio recordings, transmissions, blueprints, PDF-Power point, journal for reference & self-illumination, Facebook support group, regular group practice, all supported through and online teaching platform.
You also receive a ‘quantum card deck’  that is at the heart of the teachings.  All the blueprints, attunements, initiations, sessions and ‘living sound & light codes’ are imprinted in this card deck that you utilise for self and during your sessions with clients.  They are absolutely transformational!

Self Learning & Expansion

A complete package is available for self-education through an online teaching programme and taking your own time moving through sessions.
You don’t do this alone and are welcome to join the group page and you will connect with Victoria along the way for any support, questions and practice.

Connect with Victoria

For more detailed information on the course, investment and participation in this amazing system of teachings and how to join the next group sessions please contact Victoria on 0438165297 or


Victoria’s unique totally inspired Living Sound-Light System course is the most profound and life changing experience. Her multi-dimensional communion with pure Source Consciousness, her divine encoded blueprints and profound channeled wisdom are offered with gentleness, humour and deep presence. I am now able to weave a new depth of expression of my gifts in the most magical, creative and wonder-filled ways. Every single Session offers unique treasures, profound wisdom and attunements that open doorways to expansive ways of living life and supporting my self and other in their awakening.I feel unified with my multi-dimensional field and held by the infinite frequencies of the One, through living sound and light, from Stars to Stone, in the heart of All. I am so blessed and grateful to be part of this unique and life expanding experience. In deep gratitude Victoria, Kiri Brennan

It is hard to put into words just how profound the last 18 months has been while studying the Living Sound-Light Systems. I have expanded in my abilities to channel, heal, teach and confidently deliver light language during meditations and ceremonies.  Victoria is an exceptional guide in whom I trust completely and turning up once a week to be in her energy is sheer joy. I cannot recommend this course enough. I feel like the walking embodiment of all these profound codes.  Jess Beard

I am so grateful for the doorways which have opened and high dimensional activations and codes received through the course, personal sessions, events and travels with Victoria Webby. The expansive growth and loving guidance you have brought to my journey is beyond the beyond. I look forward to many more heart openings and where the journey may take us and humanity.  In deep appreciation, Raven Watson



Cosmic Soul Cards


The acceleration cards will assist you in shedding the old, embracing the new and balancing the NOW

Personal Sessions


Self-care, letting go of the past, healthier relationships, living in self-awareness and presence, higher connection, psychic expansion, are all part of Victoria’s sessions with people.

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