It’s time to leave the past behind and step into a bigger, brighter, better future. It’s time to set free the pain and struggle and say yes to joy and happiness.

It’s time to live your extraordinary!



"The greatest experience is to live joy
The greatest gift is TO BE love"

We are Love;  We are One

I AM Blueprints


Our Original Divine Blueprint (Soul/I AM Blueprint) is like our first breath, unique to us as an individual, yet it is part of a whole, a collective one.   If you will, it is like a design or template that was created to include all of our bodies of light – the energy field that we each hold from our physical body through all levels of consciousness to our cosmic “BE-IN-G-NESS”

When we breathe we are inter-connected with everything that breathes.  Our divine blueprint works in exactly the same way, it inter-connects with EVERYTHING.  Like many pieces of a jigsaw puzzle coming together to complete the picture, so too our Divine Blueprints call us back together (to our divine Heart-Soul) to remember our union.  Eventually, everyone and everything will come back to the complete union of remembrance of the whole to Source, to the sound of Creation.

For many years now I have been creating expansive divine I AM Blueprints (or Soul Blueprints) for clients all over the world using many mediums including pen, ink, pigment, pastels and fine paint.

It is such a joy to assist others to hear their Soul sing!

About Victoria


Victoria is a Visionary and Channel, who for 20 years has been a divine Blueprinter and multi-dimensional Sound Translator and Linguist in the Language of Light.

She is the creator of 'Living Sound-Light Systems', a quantum system & modality of transformaton through 5th dimension and beyond.
She has held many workshops and gatherings in over 10 countries, runs spiritual tours and offers a wide range of online group workshops, webinars, meditations, along with personal transformational sessions, personal Blueprints, Munay-Ki Rites, virtual downloads and expansive products.




The Living Sound~Light Systems are multi-dimensional energy systems of evolution NOW, using advanced techniques that can be used as a modality or for your own personal and unique transformation.

Personal Sessions


Self-care, letting go of the past,
healthier relationships, living in
self-awareness and presence,
higher connection, psychic expansion,
are all part of Victoria’s sessions with

Online Gatherings


Many online and diverse workshops, group sessions and courses are offered.  Join the newsletter to stay in touch with the latest events.

Events - Tours - Gatherings

Online Events, Spiritual Transformation, Spiritual Transformational Programs

Heart Mastery – The Divine Code – Monthly Group

GROUP EVENT – JOIN ANY TIME  “Your heart is the ‘Gateway of…

Spiritual Transformation, Spiritual Transformational Programs, Workshops

Temple Light – A Sacred Journey Within

MUMBAI, INDIA – Come join in celebration a sacred weekend gathering! “Within…

Spiritual Transformation, Workshops


BANGALORE, INDIA.  Now complete – thank you everyone for attending! Please join…

Spiritual Retreats, Spiritual Transformation, Workshops

Guatemala Retreat-Songs of the Soul

SONGS OF THE SOUL Heart – Mind – Body Alignment with Victoria…

Group Tours, Spiritual Transformation, Workshops

Egypt – Sacred Group Tour – February, 2024

Register interest for 2025.  Dates to be advised! 2024 tour is now…

Online Events, Sacred Circle, Spiritual Transformation, Workshops

11-11 Portals – Codes of Whale Song

Now Complete – you can purchase recording through pay pal link.  …

Online Events, Spiritual Transformational Programs, Workshops

Gateways of Galaxies

Event Complete – recording now available. We bring together a divine alignment…

Online Events, Spiritual Transformation, Workshops

Way of Dragon ~~~ ONE ~ HEART ~ LOVE

Event complete – recording available September Equinox 23-09-23   Advanced Nervous System…

Online Events, Spiritual Transformation, Workshops

8 – 8 Alignment: ONE ~ HEART ~ LOVE

Session complete thank you! – Recording now available for purchase. After the…

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Customer Testimonials


Thank you so much for our session yesterday. I had been feeling rather anxious about transitioning back to the office and didn’t realise how unsettled I was till the session started.

Feeling so much better and lighter now. I don’t say it often enough but know that I am immensely grateful to have your support through everything. You are a gift! Thank you for being in my life! 




Victoria is a very gifted intuitive Channel with a beautiful and pure soul. Focusing her sessions on self love, love without fear, anger or self criticism, unconditional love for self – Victoria takes you on an amazing journey of self discovery!

After each session, I always feel rejuvenated and lighter as I shed beliefs and behavior that are no longer relevant in my life. Thank you Victoria.




I have been blessed to experience Victoria’s healing gifts for over 5 years. In my sessions with Victoria, I always get EXACTLY what I need in a mind-blowing experience. I feel profound energetic and emotional shifts immediately.

Victoria’s work is deeply transformational and grounded and the integration always unfolds with so much love, grace and ease. She is truly a special Being and gift to the world.


Forever grateful

Gaylen USA