Spiritual Transformational Programs


33 Cosmic Keys of Creation


33 Cosmic Keys of Creation are transformational multi-dimensional Keys (3 sets of art blueprints & Language of Light transmissions) to shift your consciousness, to explore your innate wisdom and remember your true Source connection. Let go of fear and step into your true divine power.

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5D Nervous System Advancement: 2020-2044


5D Nervous System Advancement.

Downloadable MP3’s & artistic Blueprints. Language of Light, sound, group meditations for the advancement of the 5D human & multi-dimensional nervous system.

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Atlantis & Lemuria – Igniting the Sacred Seed – Keys & Codes


A series of channeled meditations, Language of Light transmissions, singing bowls,  expansive acceleration codes to merge the higher dimensional vibrations of Atlantis & Lumeria.

MP3 downloads and powerpoint with channeled words and Blueprint.

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Home to Heart

Home To Heart MP3 Series


This beautiful and expansive series is a divine interpretation of the many Realms we exist and dwell in. A Very high vibrational MP3 with Language of Light, sound, and sacred codes. This MP3 will assist in awakening the ‘inner voice’ – the connection of your Heart – Soul vibrations of pure joy and love. It will assist in the expansion of your sound and light codes, promote healing on all levels and expand psychic tools, deep awareness, and connection through all sacred Realms of consciousness. Great as a self-healing tool, wonderful for meditation and for professionals to play during massage sessions, etc.

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