Personal Language of Light & Sound Intuitive Healing Session



Language of Light activations, Intuitive healing, sound & voice toning.

The goal of each session is to make positive, healthy changes through mind, body, soul and spirit.  To be the creator of your own happy, abundant life. We will connect together through a higher vibration of wellness and through this, your energies will naturally begin to shift and let go of what no longer serves. It is time for you to truly understand how extraordinary you are!

Sessions typically take 1.25 hours.


Personal Language of Light & Sound Intuitive Healing Session



“Over the past several years, I have been graced by Victoria’s exceptional gifts and offerings. As a multidimensional healer, intuitive and visionary, Victoria ‘sees’ what is needed at that moment in time. Her abilities to facilitate the energies coming through or needed results in profound energetic and spiritual transformation.

Whether it is a personal session, an ‘I AM’ Blueprint or offering of the Munay-Ki Rites, the experiences are grounded in universal love and light brought through her kind, compassionate and loving heart. My personal journey has been enhanced, expanded and enlightened through Victoria’s expertise, guidance and assistance. Deeply blessed and grateful”.

Katie Rose – Texas, USA


Self-care, letting go of the past, healthier relationships, living in self-awareness and presence, higher connection, psychic expansion, are all part of Victoria’s sessions with people.

These sessions can also be done remotely.

Victoria holds a very safe and expansive space for her clients. She uses her innate gifts of Language of Light, her voice & sound toning, energy healing and psychic intuition to assist you ‘from a place of wellness’ to let go of old wounds, unhealthy thoughts and feelings, confusion and unhappiness.

I don’t see you as sick or unwell, I meet you at your divine Soul/I AM and it is from here I am guided with the Language of Light, energy and voice to assist you to see how through choice you can change your thoughts, feelings and vibrations and become the ‘Master of your own Destiny, the creator of your own life’s journey’. I simply hold the space for you to see how amazing you truly are and that you have untapped power within you to change anything in your life. It is a joy to see the changes created in such a short space of time together. From the moment you even ‘think or feel’ to make the appointment your energies are already shifting.”

All sessions typically take 1.25 hours and are recorded onto MP3 format

What Is Language of Light?

Language of Light is a multi-dimensional language that is innate to every Soul on the planet. We are ALL able to speak, understand, express, feel, write, paint, sing and communicate the Language of Light.

Some will choose to speak it and intuit the Language in this lifetime, others will not as it may simply not be the path they choose in this life experience on earth at this time.
It is a multi-dimensional network, a communication system that is known throughout the earth and the stars. It works through our hearts and is deeply connected to the 5th dimension and above. It is telepathic as well.

You will feel it in your cells and your energies. Rather than ‘try and figure out the words’, let yourself feel them and let them move through you and transform you at the deepest level.
Language of Light is the language of our Universal heart & mind in perfect synchronicity and harmony with each other.


“I have had both skype and personal sessions with Victoria. Every session is a new step in my life, helps me to feel really at peace with myself and being connected. Victoria is really gifted and is always a good listener, one who will guide you in your journey. Thank you so much for being part of my life!”

Blessings, Sarah – France


Cosmic Soul Cards


The acceleration cards will assist you in shedding the old, embracing the new and balancing the NOW

Personal Sessions


Self-care, letting go of the past, healthier relationships, living in self-awareness and presence, higher connection, psychic expansion, are all part of Victoria’s sessions with people.

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