5D Nervous System Advancement: 2020-2044


5D Nervous System Advancement.

Downloadable MP3’s & artistic Blueprints. Language of Light, sound, group meditations for the advancement of the 5D human & multi-dimensional nervous system.

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Divine I AM Blueprint


Your I AM presence is like the Master Conductor of an Orchestra and I am part of that orchestra – you guide me and show me the codes, colours, sounds and writings you require to expand, awaken, remember and to grow.

Victoria ‘sees’ what is needed at that moment in time

Over the past several years, I have been graced by Victoria’s exceptional gifts and offerings. As a multidimensional healer, intuitive and visionary, Victoria ‘sees’ what is needed at that moment in time. Her abilities to facilitate the energies coming through or needed results in profound energetic and spiritual transformation.

Whether it is a personal session, an ‘I AM’ Blueprint or offering of the Munay-Ki Rites, the experiences are grounded in universal love and light brought through her kind, compassionate and loving heart. My personal journey has been enhanced, expanded and enlightened through Victoria’s expertise, guidance and assistance. Deeply blessed and grateful.

Katie Rose – Texas, USA

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