33 Cosmic Keys of Creation



33 Cosmic Keys of Creation are transformational multi-dimensional Keys (3 sets of art blueprints & Language of Light transmissions) to shift your consciousness, to explore your innate wisdom and remember your true Source connection. Let go of fear and step into your true divine power.

33 Cosmic Keys of Creation


The ’33 Cosmic Keys of Creation’ are a tool of remembrance, a sacred journey that will take you deep within to explore, set free, shift and initiate deep change and assist in ‘re-igniting’ your Divine Plan and innate connection to your divine Soul, I AM Presence.

A series of 3 downloadable sets of Images and Language of Light Transmissions, each set is a journey to explore and step through your shadow, love all that you are, and step into living a life of deep spiritual connection through joy, happiness and abundance.

Testimonial for Cosmic Keys

“The Cosmic Keys of Creation has been a magical journey for me, opening up many beautiful and deeper portals within myself. As time goes by the shift goes so deep that I find a new aspect of me, the shadows deeply embedded and then the healing comes. The journey has not been easy, it was and is overwhelming, but the magic that happens at every unexpected moment is worth it all. I am deeply grateful my dear, for bringing such beautiful and transmuting energies through these channelings that you brought down with such love and graciousness. “

Thank you once again. – Sangeeta, India

Series One – 13 Keys of Amenti

The 13 Keys are: Heart Ignition, Shift, Awaken, Expansion, Unlimited Sons, Wheels of Regeneration, Quantum Rejuvenation, Inner Worlds, Star Consciousness, Regeneration, Emergence, Sirian High Council, New Hu-Being.

In co-creation we will step through the ‘Thirteen Keys of Amenti’ – doorways of self-discovery and expansion.  The great Halls of Amenti are doorways or stepping stones, taking us deeper and deeper into our SELF and deeper and deeper into our ONE.  We face our shadow and fear through equality, embracing each through love.  We set free judgement of ourselves and others and realise that we can create a beautiful life if we choose.

The Keys are presented as transmissions through Victoria in the “Language of the Heart” (Language of Light) from energies of Magdalene, Christ Flame, The Syrian High Council, Seraphim, Thoth, the Guardians of Amenti and others.

Series Two – 11 Keys of Remembrance

The 11 Keys of Remembrance are: Cosmic Elements, Archangelic Realms, Realms of the Faey, Star Walker, Christ Connection – Divine Masculine, Christ Connection – Divine Feminine, The Blue Planet, Book of Wisdom, Cell Mastery, Ascension Portal, Original Thought.

Expanding from ‘The Thirteen Keys of Amenti’ we will step further into the high-frequency vibrations of sound and light.  Guidance from the Elohim and the Archangelic Realms through the  “Eleven Keys of Remembrance” are being presented to assist us in deepening our awareness and acceptance of our pure light and sound matrix of love.   We realise we are part of the ‘Cosmic Web’ remembering that we are Sacred Seeds of Creation, here to experience a path through embracing every aspect of ourselves – no matter what, that everything in our world is “OK”.  At this level we are truly realising our divine presence in all things, our divine knowledge and wisdom becomes more tangible, we experience a greater awareness of our cellular Being and  that the power is WITHIN US to simply create a life of joy and peace.

Series Three – 9 Living Light Temples

The 9 Keys – Living Light Temples are:  Temple of Mirrors, Temple of Aashaya, Temple of Crystal Skulls, Temple of Omniverse, Temple Lunar, Temple Christ Feminine, Temple Christ Masculine, Temple of Sound, Temple of Inana.

The third and final set of Keys for this series bring us deeper transition into the state of One, strengthening our trust and faith that we simply are God/Source/Creation and knowing our divine choice of ‘creation in motion’.  That the “We/I” creates ALL in the moment we choose to create it – NOW.

We honour that the divine Spirit is within everything and WE ARE  that ‘everything’ – WE ARE the I AM – WE ARE the Living Light Temples.  “We are sound and light in motion and we flow within the rhythm of the Cosmos that moves through our divine and infinite hearts”.


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