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12-12 & 21-12 Advanced Super-Link

Embracing an Advanced World through Joy, Wisdom & Love   As we flow the energies of 12-12-2021 through to 21-12-2021 we are entering into an advanced ‘super link’, a ‘super energy network’ of sound and light that will spiral us…

Dates: 12/12: 3-5pm; 21/12: 8-10pm AEDT
Cost: $55.00 for both sessions
Online Events, Workshops

Multi-Dimensional Nervous System Advancement

“Our most profound Nervous System is the music of our Great Soul communicating and connecting through the multi-dimensional doorways of Universes” Through the most profound energies of the September Equinox, we will receive transmissions and ‘waves of sound’ through our Nervous…

Dates: Event Complete- purchase recording thru PayPal
Cost: 44.00
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8-8 Sirius Star Dreaming

EVENT NOW FINISHED – YOU CAN PURCHASE THE RECORDING The blazing fire-hearts of the great Lion Guardians, in the Sun energy of Leo and the New Moon aligns with the multi-dimensional Lion’s Portal – Stargate of Sirius to bring a…

Dates: Complete - Recording available for purchase
Cost: $22 for audio/zoom recording
Online Events, Workshops

Connecting to the Language of Light

This will be a comprehensive 6-week series online course and teachings on understanding of what the Language of Light is and your divine connection to the Language of the divine Soul, Universal Heart & Universal Mind. The Language of Light…

Dates: 3rd August **10.30am Tuesdays; ***7.30pm Saturdays AEST
Cost: AUD $393 - instalment plan available
Online Events, Workshops

How to Experience a Beautiful Soul Relationship

A beautiful connection deep into self. A new 8-week online course delving into what a true Soul relationship means.  Looking at the myths of twin flames and soul mates,  you step into a deep and true alignment with self, opening…

Dates: TBA
Cost: $497 ( with easy payments)
Online Events

Atlantis & Lemuria – Merging of Keys & Igniting of Codes

Atlantis & Lemuria – Merging of Keys & Igniting of Codes through the Great Central Sun This Event is NOW COMPLETE – you can purchase the MP3 & Blueprint from this event – please contact Victoria. “There are keys ready…

Dates: Now Complete
Cost: $55 - Purchase Recording