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Singapore Events with Victoria

8th – 18th October, 2023 I am so very excited to be returning to Singapore after several years.  It’s a deep Soul calling to return to sacred soul family that fill my heart! Please see several events and programmes below….

Dates: 8 - 18 October, 2023
Cost: See programme below
Spiritual Transformation, Workshops

7 – 7 – 7

“Open your hearts and minds to something unique, something deep and inspirational.   When you choose to say yes, the Universe opens doorways you have yet to imagine, yet to see and makes what would seem the impossible, possible” Join…

Dates: Friday, 7th July, 2023
Cost: $33.00 direct deposit
Online Events, Spiritual Transformation, Workshops

Heart Mastery – The Divine Code – Monthly Group

GROUP EVENT – JOIN ANY TIME – BEGINNING  2023 “Your heart is the ‘Gateway of Luminosity’ that bridges worlds and merges ALL into the voice of ONE” Monthly Group Connection “We are the Voice of Star & Stone”   For…

Dates: Beginning Sunday, 22nd January, 2023
Cost: See Description
Group Tours, Spiritual Transformation, Workshops

Egypt – Sacred Group Tour – February, 2024

Ahlan wa sahlan – Welcome from Egypt, And Hello from Victoria! UPDATE:  the tour is now full.  If you would like to go on the waiting list for next group journey (or a possible cancellation for Feb) please SMS me:…

Dates: 18th February, 2024
Cost: See Below
Online Events, Spiritual Transformation, Workshops

Codes of Kemet – A Divine Frequency of Sound & Light

  Now complete & available for purchase “Egyptian Codes – Music, Sound & Light”       Aligning with divine codes, resonance of sacred sound, language and light. Codes ‘re-written, re-scored’ and celebrated for the time of NOW.   “The land…

Dates: Sunday, 19th February, 2023
Cost: AUD$44.00
Online Events, Spiritual Transformation, Workshops

Aligning & Divining – Your Blueprint Calendar for 2023

Free Dropbox Link  GO HERE Take time this Sunday to join us in a FREE & LIVE zoom, creating and aligning your own sacred calendar of energy – a unique stepping stone to empowering your path for 2023. Your blueprint…

Dates: 29th January, 2023 Australia