Hearts Ignite Love Around the World – 05.05.05


Thank you for attending our circle or listening now.  Please share far and wide.  Thank you to our amazing Facilitators – please see their information below.

Hearts Ignite Love Around the World 05.05.05

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Zeenat Lakdawala – (Begins our sessions)

Bringing through transformational energies, downloads, Language of Light/English  – Releasing fear and tapping into abundance


Bridget (11mins)– Unicorn essence.  Language of Light/English.  Receiving beautiful codes of magic. Journey with mountains, across India and the earth.  The drops of the essence like rain of love and reminding all of magic and pure innocence. JOY!


For further information on Bridget’s Essences – please scroll to bottom of page

Purvi (19.22mins)– Meditation with the energies of Goddess of Compassion, Kwan Yin – three flame light pink, yellow & blue.


Clare (32.45mins)

5 Flower Essences and messages from each flower and visualization and their gloriousness in being on earth assisting all of us.


For further information on Clare’s Essences please scroll to bottom of page.

Jayanti (50.25mins)

Amazing journey through the all divine centres from the heart with Source.  Divinely connecting to the golden web of light and all Celestials.



Victoria Webby (1 hour, 03mins)

Language of Light.  We are so supported!  Believe in your courage and strength, this world is complete only with your sound. Dragons enter the Rainbow web from the Cosmic Heart.  I AM Affirmations.




Kiri Brennan

Gifted this group the Crystalline Key Code – “Navigating Heart Light” which you can activate with Light Language toning or Om Mani PADME Hu

(please note this is a gift for personal use only – thank you).




Rainbow Bridge Earth Keepers – Bridget Lightdancer

Illumini ~ unicorn essence  Part of the Range of Rainbow Bridge EarthKeepers Vibrational Medicine’s range.

Foundation Activation Series and Code’s for Self Mastery.
48 essences.

Vibrational Medicine’s co-created through Divine nature elements and the animal kingdom around the world since 2010.

Containing keys to open pathways to the heart.
Bringing us back to our Purity of Heart.
Co-created through the Radiant Heart (if you want more to add).
Illumini ~ unicorn essence assists to open the pathways to your connection to divine magic, divine purity, divine innocence, divine timing, divine love. Feeling uplifted above the line to help yourself. Feeling the wonders of your playful divine child. Co-created on Christmas morning in 2014, on the headland at 1770, Australia in alignment with the sun coming up over the horizon directly in line over the water ~ while children were connecting to the magic and unlimited possibilities of christmas morning. Unicorn purifies the way in form and assists in connection to the Mystery and Magic of Divine, deeply connecting you to the purity of your innocence. Rainbows, love, children, freedom, magic, wonders, manifestation, fun and play, in sync with your hearts purity and divine, and divine’s timing. Miracles, gifts of light, upliftment and open possibilites. Love, love, love is all you are.
If you want to use the paired photo:
‘Essence of Love’ Mist, supports you while taking an essence. Co-created with the kangaroo and peacock. For connection to Beauty, Divine Love, grounding through Divine Presence, Integrity. Promotes strong foundations and frameworks built on purity of motivations, compared to acting on unmet needs. Brings you powerfully into your heart space from the chatty mind and purifies the energy field and spaces, to come into a resonance of Love with this essence.
Yeppoon, Australia.

Clare Chiang – Flower Essences – go HERE

A beautiful embodiment of the essences of the Earth.  Creating deep transformation and awareness.  Go to link for more information and to connect with Clare.
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