A Promise To Myself


We Are Love, We Are One


There is a sense of promise within my heart
It is HERE and NOW I begin, I start

To fulfill the destiny of my Soul
with a strength unfolding – strong and bold


The energies are strong, expansive and bold and can shift us on so many levels – yay! Having said that LOL, I awoke this morning feeling a little bit BLAAAH! No particular reason I could think of but then again, does there always have to be?

Do you ever wake up and sometimes life can just simply feel like crap? (smile). That you are sinking in confusion, not understanding what’s going on and why some things you do, no matter how hard you try, just don’t pan out? Roads you have tried so hard to follow (that you thought were open) are blocked, or appear to be on so many levels, and you simply can’t see what is next?

Yep, I have those days too!

This is indeed a special and awesome moment, or at least most of the time I see it that way! We find we can think too much and wanting the answers to the whys? and take ourselves further down that rabbit hole, comparing ourselves to others, judging and belittling the circumstances we are in, not realising these circumstances can be our greatest shift.

In these situations, we sometimes just don’t feel the power within. We forget that we made a promise to ourselves that we would come to the planet, explore, initiate, expand and OWN our mastery through this incredible Source vibration and do it all through a unique and amazing sacred temple known as the human body. Most of all, we forget that we have the greatest gift in the Universe and that we created it – the gift of CHOICE!

So here below is something for all of us – some phrases & affirmations just for this NOW – a gift from our Source where we can open the space and can create other choices – simply because WE CAN!

We can breathe and take a moment, sift through the fog and call on that higher aspect of ourself to have a chat.

Listen to that beautiful and uplifting energy saying to you right NOW:

“It’s OK, everything will be OK – take care of yourself and take a moment for yourself, right here, right now. Stop what you are doing, what you are thinking and who you are being just for this now, take a deep breath, step into the light (or whatever you see as divine) and let go. Think of something that makes you happy, think of something that you are grateful for and appreciate in your life”.

Another: “It’s in this moment NOW I make a choice to stop swimming upstream against my natural flow, it tires me out and it simply doesn’t work for me anymore. Instead I lay back, I relax, I breathe and move with the flow of the great waters, I open my mind and my heart to a different perspective, I surrender and allow the momentum of this tide that is here for me right now, unconditionally loving me and supporting me, to carry me to my next amazing and wondrous destination. I say YES to my greatest possibilities. This is the place that I NOW choose TO BE – with my heart wide open – and I say Yes! Thank you!”.

And Another: “I trust in this creation, in this experience, in this expression, I trust in myself. I observe with non-judgement, and know that no action is required just NOW – I just BE and flow with the great waters, the tides of my life and I open my mind and heart to the glorious ME! I will ALWAYS know exactly what to do and how to BE to create wondrous worlds within me and around me. The greatest gift I have given myself as a Soul, the power of clear choice – is always mine to create and I choose this choice with joy within the YES of NOW! Thank you”.

Choose high vibrational words and thoughts – you know what they are! Breathe and repeat the phrases/affirmations above to yourself over & over or make your own – you are the Master, you know what to do and how to flow – SIMPLY BE IT!


BE WELL! So much love and joy to you ALL

Victoria xx

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