Foundation of Peace


Archangels Metatron, Sandalphon & Andromeda


Connecting with a friend this morning a quick channel came through about a new ‘foundation of peace’: Through the Full moon/Blue moon – the days of 31st October, 1st November and 2nd November, Andromeda is holding the ‘peace codes’ of transformation. Metatron weaves sound & light around the planet, Sandalphon spins a high-frequency spiral bringing balance and harmony to earth. Through the power of our I AM birthing a new light on earth through the guardianship of Metatron, Sandalphon & Andromeda through the full moon/blue moon energy. More channeled information through the MP3 — Part 1 (12 mins) in Language of Light & Sound. Part 2 (3mins) grounds and balances the information through a chant in Language of Light/sound.

“All we need BE is in our heart in the presence of peace in the NOW in our breath” “This spin, this spiral is a wave through our being of such an incredible light force and presence”

MP3 – Part 1 – Here

MP3 – Part 2 – Here

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