As the World Spins


“When I look into my many paths, how will I view where I have been and where I start? Such is the power of the eternal mind and wondrous heart”


As we continue the greatest shift in our world “that has ever been” there are so many thoughts and energies in the collective that can be both perplexing and destructive as well as balanced and constructive. So many have varying opinions, what is ‘right and wrong, dark and light’ and everything can seem to be spiralling out of control. You may indeed be questioning so many aspects of your life right now and may be asking yourself “what will happen? where are we going? what is the outcome? what is my role in all this? am I doing enough or what is it I am meant to be doing? is this some crazy nightmare or wondrous dream?”. Beautiful and understandable questions considering what we are personally experiencing and witnessing as our mainstream media and other mediums of communication bring many different models of truth. Sometimes when we are not in the right head or heart space we can get caught up in the fear of another or the collective. Deep and loving self-awareness is such a strong friend for us to have right now!

In very deep and fundamental ways the world is being turned topsy turvy. We all know in our hearts that our world could not sustain itself in the way we were heading and great insight and introspection was needed to create deep and deliberate change. A percentage of humanity was required to ‘turn the tide’ and create deeper awareness and understanding of what we are truly capable of as a collective of incredible and amazing Souls. “Indeed the tide has turned and although it is challenging for so many, know that there are many lines of Souls stepping forward and creating according to their Soul’s Divine Plan. As there are many Souls on what would be called the ‘front lines’, there are so many more holding the tides of change in their minds and hearts and connecting with a collective wave of Divine Beings to return light where darkness has become. This is a truly profound time for all Souls to recapitulate and deeply understand their greatest transition and transformation. There is a place in the centre of your heart that knows only pure truth. It is not in the reporting of another’s voice or regurgitating another’s view. It is the place where peace lays and love flows. It is where your opinion, thought and action – indeed all of your senses inspire true greatness and are fully engaged in what feels a magnificent stillness in your heart. From here, shine your thoughts, words and actions and create a new world from within. Fear and hate in all agendas creates separation and thus moves you away from your centre. Only that which instils a path that comes from integrity will survive.

Stay true to your heart – come to your centre and breathe. REMEMBER this breath as you take it deep inside, in your core – your centre. Call your DIVINE WILL to assist you TO BE fully present, alert and aware, to know your own divine truth in all that you see and hear. TRUST that your inner voice is your deepest wisdom – feel it, breathe it, know it! This is your beacon of light that shall guide your way home to your most innate sense of truth. You are ready – SO BE IT!”

Here is a link to a short meditation to align with peace & Divine Plan (6.33mins) – HERE

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