Sinking Into Love


Every moment in life is a turning point, what do you choose to create?


There is no doubt there are some incredible shifts happening on the planet. On the surface the world can seem so divided and in fear, yet Creation reiterates that “as we BE we SEE, as we SEE we BE” – everything is a choice. What do you choose to see and how do you choose to be?

“Hold to the space of love, strong. BE bold and BE still, it takes deep clarity to allow the stillness within the chaos, to SEE that in every moment there is both perception and truth. We cannot See and Be for another. Each Soul creates their own moment and turning point in their life – that is a truth for each Soul to experience.

Sink deep into love where there is confusion, sink deep into love where there is despair, sink deep into love where love cannot be seen”.

This is the moment. mp3/meditation to assist balance and transition at this moment in time Go Here

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