Embellished Print: Star Dreaming



Gallery-wrapped high quality photo prints on canvas.  Prints are made from a selection of Victoria’s divine Blueprints.

Victoria embellishes prints with various mediums including acrylic, pastels and ink.  She also adds individual ‘language of light codes’ for the purchaser that is unique and individual to their Soul Blueprint.

Embellished Print: Star Dreaming


This is a creation story.  Universal connections from ‘starships’ to communicate to the sacred tribes/indigenous and the many cultures of the earth.  Speaking of the dreaming, the creation story.

The path of the ‘serpent of light’ weaving divine consciousness, wisdom from the inner worlds of earth to all humans.

Light through timelines

Multiple tribes come together.

Multi-nations of the earth

Inner earth, stars,

Great pyramid

Diamond doorways – teachings, codings

Connection from Egypt to Uluru – Uluru to Egypt through the song lines & sacred texts of stone.




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