Calls of Nature MP3



Nature, birds, background music and transformational sound

Calls of Nature MP3


CALLS of NATURE by David Webby – Downloadable MP3

David’s debut album with recording of Birds from the Hinterland of the Gold Coast Australia, with backing music also by David.

These MP3s can be played as background for offices, meditation, transformation, and massage.

“Interestingly people have brought my MP3’s have said they love it and are amazed how it brings other birds into the area. Such a delight to play first thing in the morning.”

David also sees this recording as assisting people to get in touch with Mother Nature, a connection many are missing in their busy lives.

Backing music includes Thai Khim  (Dulcimer), Hang, Didge, Crystal Singing Bowls, Wind Chimes, Vocals.

Duration: 60 mins


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