8 – 8 Alignment: ONE ~ HEART ~ LOVE

8-8 Lions Gate Alignment


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8-8 Gateway Alignment - Accessing the Infinite Gateway

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Session complete thank you! – Recording now available for purchase.

After the 7-7-7 doorway of limitless connection & expansive truth, the Lions Gate alignment is ‘an infinite light that is unyielding in its path of divine truth of heart-mind union’.  No longer statisfied with just surviving, this powerful gateway steps us through the multi-dimensional ‘sound fields’ of your heart, embodying PHYSICALLY the universal ‘rainbow spectrums’ and taking a leap of faith into your divine majesty, to honour and acknowledge your divine & empowered path on earth thus far and to open your energy to NOW BE the greatest and most extaordinary expression of your joy on earth.

This is the time to step into your inifinite power!

When I BE with the energy I see one massive united spiral of sound that emanates rainbow spectrums of irredescent colour that moves beyond the human eye.  It looks literally like ‘live wires’  from the Universe with sound spinning and pulsing as never before, asking us to ‘see’ with eyes and hearts wide open and ‘know’ with deep Soul wisdom AND to embody this in our beautiful physical aspects, earthing with joy.  This truly is a remembrance that is incredibly exciting and so very expansive!
The Lion’s Gate Portal is recognised as a cosmic event, occuring every year between the dates of 26/28th July and through the month of August (the dates vary according to beliefs).
This takes place when the sun in the sign of Leo, the Earth, Orion’s Belt and the star of Sirius are aligned, which is activated by the rising of the Star Sirius, the brightest of Stars.

It is the energy of  ‘the land before time and the time before man’ when worlds gathered and sang the voice of the Great Sun and the multiple ‘sounds of light’ BEING.

For the 8-8 Lions Gate Portal
**You will receive a transmission at the opening of the gateway 28th July;
**live zoom on the 8-8 – a date that holds an infinite vibration through the heart;
**Transmission at the completion of the August energies

This feels like such a huge leap of conscious presence for all that choose to connect and establish their divine ‘infinite link’ in the song lines.

*Transmissions before, during and at completion of Portal
*Divine Blueprint to download and keep
*Power point for continued expansion
*Crystal singing bowls/harp
Language of light transmissions
*Acceleration codes through 8-8 Lions Gate, and the expanded acceleraton of energies through the month of August and preparation for the multiple gateways and cosmic events through to 2024
*The flow of information, transmissions, knowing in the NOW
*Recordings available if you cannot attend zoom event live.

I am offering a beautiful saving in appreciation for you celebrating within our circle,  for joining both the 8-8 Lions Gate Portal & September Equinox zoom 23/09/23, for those that are called to both – please see Pay Pal link.

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8-8 Gateway Alignment - Accessing the Infinite Gateway