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Advanced Nervous System encoding, September Equinox Celebrations, Cosmic Dragons


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September Equinox 23-09-23   Advanced Nervous System
Hi Everyone!  For the past few years every September our I AM has continued with ‘upgrades’ within our Nervous System. The specific words flow as ‘advanced nervous system encoding’.
2023 is no exception.

With the powerful alignments of the infinite gateways of 777 & 88, we continue the journey through the 9’s (September Equinox) and the powerful alignment of Dragons.

I have been told that the Dragons literally ‘re-wire’ or flow into a new ‘cosmic spin’ every 12 years. They are closely connected to the vibration of number 5 – the energy of ‘liberation’, assisting humanity to free illusion and in knowing their inner-truth, freedom through illumination.  Many dragons had chosen to leave Earth or ‘sleep’ for a time.  2012 was a major year for their choosing to return or birth and create a new alignment to assist humanity, just as for many in the Earth Kingdoms.   For the Dragons, the next 12-cycle is 2024.  This Equinox day in September (23rd = 5) is about prepartion through an advanced nervous system and for the year 2024 and the ‘Way of Dragon’.

The grand gateways from July gateway of  777, the powerful Lions Portal & Sirian Alignment throughout August and the collective energies through to 2024 are the most powerful gateways we have experienced on Earth so far – what a time to choose TO BE – HERE – NOW!


In this 2 to 2 1/2 hour event we will:
*Free old illusion and bring the flame of illumination and truth;
*Finely ‘attune’ our divine nervous system with our own original divine blueprint;
*Receive and remember our divine cellular codes of sound through our sacred temples (bodies) and enhance our sound & light keys;
*Prepare for 2024 Dragon expansion – after receiving nervous system alignment;
*Delve into the ‘way of Dragon’ we hold within our sacred Temples;
*White Dragon, Bees, Elementals & the Cosmic Heart of Star & Stone;
*Ignite the ‘golden fire codes’ of dragons;
*Prepare for 2024 Dragon expansion and ‘radiant illumination’;
*Dimensions of 9;
*Meditation with Dragons & sacred elements through the Cosmic Heart-Song and advanced teachings through sacred song lines of Star & Stone;

*Whatever flows in the NOW.

Divine Blueprint, crystal singing bowls, language of light transmissions, alignments & remembrance.
Recordings available if you cannot attend zoom event live.