Living Sound~Light Systems Course & Advanced Modality


The Living Sound~Light Systems are multi-dimensional energy systems of evolution NOW, using advanced techniques that can be used as a modality or for your own personal and unique transformation.

As you immerse in this heart-centered and innovative experience, you will remember, open, explore, create and extend yourself in new and powerful ways, stepping through multiple doorways of expression and connection, reuniting with self through wisdom and joy, and truly honouring your choices on earth.

This is an experience in divine service and remembrance, a deeply rich and truly advanced modality that can assist self and so many to step into their ‘infinite self’ and live an extraodinary life on earth.

“You are an incredible expression of Stars & Stone merging and emerging through your multiple earthly expressions, your dynamic starry experiences, all together, right here, right now –  all at once being, seeing and knowing in the everything that IS”

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