Reclaiming our Ancient Lore

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    2 hours

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    AUS: 14th May @ 10am / USA: Friday 13th May @ 5pmPT/8pmET.

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    AUD $46.00 or USD $33.00

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Reclaiming Ancient Lore with Katie & Victoria

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Accessing our hidden Portals through time

NOW COMPLETE – you can purchase this beautiful session, mp3 recordings, blueprint and power point by clicking on PayPal link above (AUD $46)

Remembering our sacred and innate connection to the Oneness

and our Journey from Star to Stone

Come join Katie & Victoria on an epic journey of self-discovery.  

This amazing session is now complete and ready to purchase through audio recordings,
power point slides & divine blueprint:
Pay on the Link above:  AUD $46.00

The ancient Lore of our sacred temples (our human form) is revealing deep transitory portals to our multi-dimensional realms.  We are ready for incredible and deep shifts as we remember our gateways of pure energy that exists within the everything.

This 2-hour circle will open your minds and fill your hearts with joy!

Katie’s infinite knowledge will assist in deep transition and ‘coming home’ from places of separation to feeling connection, divinely healthy and blessed on earth.

Victoria will connect with the Oracles of Delphi and Guardians of Rapa Nui – doorways of deep intuition and potent energies of transformation.

Our time together will include:  meditation, Language of Light transmissions of acceleration and remembrance, downloadable blueprint through the Pleiades & mp3 audios.


About Katie

Katie Rose is a Vibrational Sound Therapist and Ascension Alchemist.  She uses the pure tones of tuning forks, singing bowls, voice and language of light to shift non-resonant energies in the body and biofield so one can embody more of their Soul essence and higher light.  As a Keeper of a Sacred Circle (Medicine Wheel), she connects the energies of the Quantum and Physical Realms and takes us on a sacred journey of light to remember more and awaken to our soul truth.



About Victoria

Victoria is a Visionary and Channel, who for over 18 years has been a divine Blueprinter and multi-dimensional Sound Translator and Linguist in the Language of Light. Her work facilitates profound energetic and spiritual transformation.

For more on Victoria – please go HERE

Reclaiming Ancient Lore with Katie & Victoria