Living Sound Light Systems

Living Light Systems - a multi-versal, multi-dimensional system of sound and light

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    55 sessions (with breaks running Sept 2022 to Dec 2023)

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    Beginning 12th September, 2022

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    Instalment plan available-contact Victoria or see below

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The Living Sound Light Systems is a multi-dimensional Practitioner course and experience for self and for your clients.  

A unique and powerful set of systems & techniques that works through the highest frequencies of sound & light,  that “sees both you and your client” from a place of wholeness, balance and perfection, that takes you (and your clients) on a journey of self-discovery and mastering your own presence in this world and assisting others to find their own incredible potentials.  

The Living Light System teachings is your journey in this world, your soul in this world and your gifts in this world. 


“As you journey through the course you understand and become the facilitator of divine”



Some of the Systems we will learn and expand for yourself and to apply to clients (More information available – contact Victoria):

Sacred Me (introduction) – a gentle beginning of deep insight and wisdom;

Sacred Elements – a journey through each of the creation elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether/great spirit) and transforming the way we see our bodies, systems and energies;

13 Living Light Temple Teachings – quantum sound temples within our multiple energy fields and how we initiate these systems  through our lives (a different look and approach to the chakra system);

Blue Temple Teachings 1 – teachings from the original divine blueprint of  Earth such as ‘bee medicine’, ‘tree medicine’ etc;

Star Temple Teachings 1 – teachings from divine blueprints of the Stars such as Crystal Skulls, etc;

Teachings from the Pleiadean Codex – the sacred wisdoms from the Pleiades;

Inner Earth Medicine – stepping into the wisdoms and teachings of the divine inner earth vibrations;

Language of Light – Divine Blueprinter; creating your own divine Soul blueprint

Blue Temple Teachings 2 – deeper journey with Cosmic Earth teachings – ethereal earth mapping of systems;

Star Temple Teachings 2 – deeper journey with Cosmic Star teachings – ethereal star mapping of systems;

Practitioner – bringing all the teachings, learnings and initiations together to create a divine multi-dimensional modality to work with self and/or clients

Practitioner Practice

Programme will Include:

  • A dedicated and safe space for learning, sharing and growing;
  • Utilising unique and ‘different’ teachings with energetic symbols, initiations, methods, sounds, blueprint cards and techniques and how to use them on self and with clients through course content
  • Language of Light transmissions and initiations
  • meditations
  • deep initiation into self of NOW
  • sacred lore
  • self-discovery, defining a new path
  • Blueprint/cards (for self-transformation and with clients – a downloadable set of cards that will come from the blueprints created)
  • Essence or sprays for support with some systems
  • Reference materials – via download – power point, blueprints, zoom recording, mp3’s, videos
  • FB group for ongoing support and communication
  • Added or bonus mp3’s and sessions as appropriate

I am already teaching this programme and every day there is new and in-depth information and teachings downloading!  This course will move with the energies of the NOW and create a profound experience for all – “so beyond the norm”.

There is so much more evolving about this programme that I wish to share with you!  Please connect with me via email for more information: or SMS 0438165297 (Int: +61438165297)


Who Will This Course Benefit?

This course is open to individuals who would just simply love a deep and highly expanded experience in their life, for those people wanting to learn a modality to start a new practice, for those who are already practitioners & facilitators who desire to grow and expand themselves and their practice to assist others.


  • Opening to the magick of the Universe and inspiring teachings to open hearts;
  • Stepping into a space that supports deep transition and change on all levels;
  • Learning something new, different and exciting;
  • A place of nurturing, safety and remembrance;
  • Expanding your healing practice;
  • Healers, Energy Workers;
  • Sound Practitioners;
  • Blueprinters;
  • Channels & Mediums;
  • Open your energies to higher multi-dimensional frequencies;
  • Expansion of their voice and connection to Soul;
  • Expand connection to Source/Guides/Guardians/ONE;
  • People going through deep transition, transformation and growth;
  • Expand your healing into a more conscious, present and aware practice;
  • Offer yourself and clients a deeper experience in connection and community;

If you felt drawn to any of the above, the Living Light Systems might be perfect for you!

More information on anything you will need will come closer to start date or please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 


This course is a combination of many years of teaching, facilitating and service to clients, many ‘now’  life expressions (what is termed past & future lives) being ‘birthed to earth’ to assist self, others, humanity to remember their power within and their ability to be and live an extraordinary life on earth.

In deepest appreciation through our Great Cosmic Heart,


Investment System:  Please connect with Victoria regarding investment & payment plan.

What participants are saying about the course:

“Victoria’s Living Light Systems program is beyond extraordinary. It is beyond the mind into Divine Mind, beyond the body into your Sacred Temple and beyond the small self into the Self as One. We are ignited by profound channeled wisdom and frequencies. It awaken and activates a deeply felt and experienced sense of our divine essence, fully supported by so many multidimensional energies from Star and Stone, Cosmic Earth and Cosmic Heavens. Just as I feel this week’s activation is so amazing, I then experience the same profound activations each and every class. My gifts are enhanced and my clients are experiencing even deeper connection to their divine essence. Living Light Systems is unique, profound, creative and an exciting exploration of All that Is”. Kiri Brennan (Vic)

“I joined the Living Light Systems program with absolute excitement and no idea of what to expect. Victoria’s gentle, nurturing, fun and wise style through this program has helped me have such a deep activation that I let go aspects of my life that no longer served me in a very short span of time. Every blueprint, daily transmission and weekly session by Victoria has brought me soul joy and deep activations! I have started to trust my own intuition, divine guidance and discernment so much and also met wonderful people who participated in this. I now consider them my soul family. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is curious about its outcomes and the value it brings”! Samridhi Purohit, Sydney

About Victoria


Victoria lives in Tasmania, Australia and has been speaking, singing, toning, writing, intuiting and creating artistic blueprints & multi-dimensional keys in the Language of Light for over 18 years.

She has travelled to many different countries, taking crystals to specific waters, voicing codes, bringing through Source light through Language of Light, voice tones and codes to Earth to assist humanity on their journey home to heart.

She has led groups and workshops in many countries introducing people to their innate wisdom within. The Language of Light is a huge part of Victoria’s path on Earth.

“I now have a deep calling to share the knowledge and wisdom I have ‘remembered’ and assist people to open to their multi-dimensional frequencies in a way that will shift their life beyond measure.  For teachers, facilitators, practitioners alike to advance their energies and skills.  No matter your reason for this course, you will never be the same – you will look back and be amazed at how amazing and unique this experience is and the opportunities that lay within you to choose an amazing expression as a Soul on earth.

It is such an amazing experience and so natural for all of us to connect and communicate in this life through our bodies, our hearts and minds, our “Soul Language – the Language of the Great Heart and Mind”.  Please join me and lets have the most amazing experience by shedding any fears and to open our ‘wonderful and amazing everything’ – to remember that we are on earth TO BE joy, TO BE happiness and TO BE our greatest expression of awareness and love”.  

We are eternal beings of One

We are Love;  We are One