Gateways of Galaxies

Sacred Bridges - A Crystal Network of Sound


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We bring together a divine alignment through the powerful time of 12-12, transiting into Solstice gates of 21 & 22-12-2023.

After a super powerful year, we will complete 2023 with a beautiful coming together through divine ‘Gateways of Galaxies’.

Working within our crystal network of sound, we spin our sacred power and optimise our potentialities through the power of 12, completing the year of 7 (2023) and preparing & divining our infinte light into the year of 8 (2024).

Through the eternal and sacred power of the Elementals, Bees, Whales & Dragons, we continue the journey that began through the multiple alignments throughout the year.  The greatest potential for change is within us now and can no longer be denied.

Our truth is there in our song lines, written and rehearsed through many lives and multiple experiences as sacred expressions now.  With wide open hearts we can say YES to our greatest journey on earth thus far.  The moment is HERE and the time is NOW!

On 12-12 gateway and through Solstice dates of 21/22-12 be open to connect with our Galactic & Universal Guardians. Receive, shift, alter, align and know deep expansion on both physical & metaphysical levels.  We spin through the powerful numbers of the Universe, open our bodies, minds and eternal spirit and create and alchemise a new ‘crystalline light of support’ on earth through stone, that awakens our heaven through star.

Even though life can feel challenging, my guidance is constantly reminding me how truly blessed we are in this experience on earth NOW.  We chose TO BE HERE NOW.  It’s time to remember and TO KNOW our mastery, Aho!
Come join us, you are most welcome, Victoria

Times & Dates:  We will gather in 2 sessions – 12/12 & 22/12.  Around 1.25 hours each session from 8pm – 9.15pm AEDT (Hobart/Sydney).  Recordings will be available for both sessions for those attending or if you can’t attend live.
Investment:  AUD $12.00 (for both sessions combined) Either bank account or PayPal Link at top of page – thank you!

We step into deep preparation for endings and beginnings through 2023 – 2024.  Deep shifts, transition, divine self-empowerment through Language of Light transmissions, sound, crystal bowls, meditation, whatever flows on the night will be ‘the way’.

Deepest and most joyous appreciation – thank you Beautiful Soul!