Crystal Singing Temples 8-8-8

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We open our hearts and minds, our core, our being, to the Crystal Singing Temples and our connection to the ocean portals, the sacred waters of Lemuria and the divine Beings of Sirius and other divine Guardians in the Galaxies.  Walk, dance, sing and play with the multi-dimensional guardians of the Star Gates that lead you to deeper understandings of self and your Sirian & Lemurian connections of heart and great I AM.

You will lay in these sacred healing Temples and receive divine codes, ‘templates of sound’ from the crystals themselves.

“Crystals of the Heavens will open to the Crystals of the Earth, recalibrating song lines through the gateways of your divine heart and the sacred numbers of 8 – 8 – 8.  Each of you have access to unique frequencies of sound that pulse and vibrate to your Soul’s divine blueprint.

Through the Crystal Singing Temples you will receive deep rejuvenation, regenerative divine codes that will open and turn to infinity, connecting you to the remembrance of the waters and ancient keys held by the 5D+ Elementals of Cosmic Earth.  They will gift to you the spirals of sound & light through your bodies to restore the patterns of galactic and universal songs of the divine within.  Move you beyond the ‘you’ and into the ‘ONE’ .  So IS your destiny”.

Join in sacred circle as you remember your enhanced codes of sound & light.  Let your cells fill with your bliss and take you on a journey through the portals of light connecting crystal songs of Lemuria and the Starry gates of Sirius where many guardians are awaiting your remembrance.

Included:  Crystal singing bowls, language of light, crystal harp, meditation and sound.  Galactic and Universal codes of Star & Stone.  A divine blueprint will be created for this event and video/recording emailed for re-listening.
For those that can’t attend live a video and audio/mp3 will be sent after the gathering.