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Ahlan wa sahlan – Welcome from Egypt,
And Hello from Victoria!

I am so very excited to be offering this beautiful journey with you.  Ancient Khemet (Egypt) is truly life-changing for anyone that chooses to journey there.  It’s a place to grow, expand and remember as we travel the many sacred temples, pyramids, and places, hearing the stories of Goddess, Gods, Kings and Queens and the people, connecting to the gateways of Stars & Stone, divine vibrations and frequencies, exploring the galactic and universal energies from diverse realms.  We are here for self, each other and the collective – all through entering and radiating our great hearts.

“As we travel together, you will receive deep transformation.  As a Language of Light blueprinter and facilitator I know how powerful it is to receive from these sacred lands.  As a group I will lead you through a variety of  meditations, initiations, transmissions with sound and language of light, self-awareness, healing and exploration. During the journey we will be upgrading, encoding with cosmic frequencies and opening our sacred temples (our bodies) to profound energy and deep connection.”

We will delve into the “mystical magick” that presents before us, the ancient Khemet, Zep Tepi and the civilisations ‘before man’.  Every day there will be transmissions, direct and open communication with the sacred lands of stone & sands, of starry gates of Source, as well as time for self.

Throughout the journey we will hear through the grand collective, our great I AM, messages that will assist us in the presence and awareness of NOW integrating our many expressions and experiences along the way.

Come join in this great expansive journey of a lifetime!
(see video of our last trip – scroll to bottom)

ITINERARY:  Part 1: 18th – 27th February, 2024 (10 days/9 nights)

.  Luxor 3 nights
.  Aswan 3 nights
.  Cairo 3 nights

White Desert Extension:  Part 2:  27th – 1st March, 2024 (3 nights)-trip in total: 13 days/12 nights)

.  Sahara 2 nights
.  Cairo 1 night


DAY 1 – 18th Feb: CAIRO – LUXORWe are picked up from our hotel and transferred by our friendly representative to Cairo airport, catching the early morning flight to Luxor.  We will spend the rest of the day connecting and visiting the East Bank and the amazing Karnak Temple, dedicated to Amon Ra (connected to the sun) and the ram-headed God of Luxor.  We visit and connect with the powerful Goddess Sekhmet, the Lioness Goddess of power & healing, the guardian of an incredible life-force for humanity.  Her Chapel resides within the Karnak Temple complex.  This Temple built in 2055 BC, covers an area of 82 acres and is the largest temple complex in the world.

We then journey to Luxor Temple.  Constructed over hundreds of years by great pharaohs, Ramses II & Amenophis III and others, for God of Luxor “Amon Ra”, dating back at least 3000 years and considered one of the most significant religious centres in Egypt at the time.  We return to hotel to rest, early evening group meditation/facilitation and preparation with sacred Egyptian healing oils for our next dayOvernight in 5 Star Luxor Hotel by the Nile

DAY 2 – 19th February:  LUXOR
Today we travel to the incredible Abydos Temple, thought to be the place where civilization began in the ancient lands.  Built for Sety I and dedicated to Osiris, God of the Paradise & God of the Afterlife.  The temple still keeps its amazing colours, paintings and reliefs dating back 13th century BC.  It is a temple of deep healing and communion, you feel its sacred breath as you enter and if you choose, receive deep insight.  The energy is potent!  You feel the connections here to the Orion and Sirian Stargates.
In 2022 in the Chapel of ISIS in Abydos, our group were asked to witness a deep & potent awakening for Souls shifting dimensions, allowing for the New Guardians of the earth – US!  More on this during our journey together!
After lunch (included) we continue to Dendera Temple, built for the cult of Hathor, Goddess of love, joy & music, dating back 2nd century BC.  Partner of Horus, this Temple mirrors his Temple.  Dendera was a centre for healing and is simply stunning and personifies peace, love and grace.  It simply feels like home!Overnight in 5 Star Luxor Hotel by the Nile
CLICK HERE for Language of Light transmission in Hathor Temple with Victoria

DAY 3 – 20th February:  WEST BANK – VALLEY OF THE KINGS & QUEENS  Today we start with an adventure in the hot air balloon ride (optional).  This is truly an exhilirating experience and most certainly one of the many memorable moments on the trip!  We will then visit the Valley of the Kings.  Used as a burial chamber for nearly 500 years from the 16th to 11th century BC.  The Valley of the Kings was used for royal burials for the Kings, their families and their possessions. We will visit the most well preserved tomb in the valley, belonging to King Seti I, the colours and paintings are kept in a perfect condition, dating back to at least 3000 years ago.  Click here for video

Next we visit the Valley of the Queens and the spectacular tomb of Queen Nefertari (Beauty of all Beauties in Pharaonic), the beloved wife of the famous King Ramses II.  This tomb is simply the ‘best of the best’ at the Valley of the Queens with vivid murals and filled with beautiful stories and dreams – one of my favourites!
We return to the hotel for R & R.  Evening group integration, transmissions and preparation for the next day.  CLICK HERE for short video
Overnight in 5 Star Luxor Hotel by the Nile

DAY 4 – 21st February:  LUXOR-EDFU-ASWAN
Before we leave for Edfu we will visit the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, which is aligned across the Nile with Karnak Temple.  This Queen who would be Pharoah ruled the country for 20 years, reigning in her own right, unprecedented as a woman.
We then continue to Edfu and the Temple Horus – the masculine grace and represented through the Falcon headed God, a Deity of Sky.  This multi-dimensional temple holds a tremendous galactic presence and portal to other dimensions for you to experience.  It is a place of majesty, serenity and presence.  Connecting to your senses, you will feel the energy of Horus stepping with you as you journey through the doorways of other worlds.  I feel the presence of Goddess Hathor in this temple so strongly also!
We will then travel to Aswan and check into our hotel.  Later we will join together for integration and prepare for our journey to Philae Temple
Overnight 5 Star Movenpick Island Hotel, Aswan.

DAY 5 – 22nd February:  ASWAN
Today we travel by motor boat to Philae Island and the Temple of Isis (Auset).  Here we connect with the energy of divine Mother, Priestess, Goddess of Magic, Mysteries.  Aligning with the Sirian Star Mother, we bathe in these divine energies and receive encodements that embody our I AM in purest form.  We are embracing the energies of the approaching Full moon in Virgo (24th) and will feel this energy as we align her original earth temples, with the many Temples across the planet through this guidance in the “Temple of Love”.
After leaving Philae Temple, we will travel to the Aroma Therapy Nubian Palace to experience the sacred and divine aromas and healing qualities of Egyptian oils.
Later in the day we will sail on the Nile in a felucca, the oldest means of transportation, used by Egyptians thousands of years ago.  This is such a beautiful experience to feel the Nile breeze and connect with the sacred waters, let her speak and sing to us and take time out and enjoy the scene as we sail.
Overnight 5 Star Movenpick Island Hotel, Aswan.

DAY 6 – 23rd February:  ABU SIMBEL TEMPLE
We travel today to the two temples at Abu Simbel, built on Nubian lands by Ramses II, dating back at least 13th century BC.  This massive site is unique and so impressive, carved out of rocks it is dedicated to the gods Amun Ra, Ramses II, Ra-horakhty and Ptah.  There is also a temple for his favourite wife Nefertari which is dedicated to the Goddess Hathor.

We then return to Aswan to visit the famous Cataract Hotel on the Nile for their wonderful and delicious high tea.   Wander around the grounds and the hotel.  This is so beautifully relaxing after a long day!  We then return to our hotel for the evening.
Overnight 5 Star Movenpick Island Hotel, Aswan 


DAY 7 – 24th February:  ASWAN – CAIRO
We fly early to Cairo (approx 1 1/2 hours), check into our hotel and have a relaxing time and some well deserved R & R and integration.  Later, we will connect in sacred circle for this Virgo full moon, Earth Mother and the energy with Mercury and Thoth/Hermes.
Overnight 5 Star Sheraton Hotel by the Nile, Cairo

DAY 8 – 25th February:  CAIRO
Continuing in the vibrations of sacred moon, we head to Dahshur Pyramids, belonging to King Sneferu, the father of King Cheops, who built the great pyramid at Giza.  This pyramid is in perfect condition, dating back to at least 4600 BC.  It was the lead up to the Pyramid of Giza.  We will enter this pyramid and experience the energy.  The area within and around the pyramid is truly supernatural!  Much awaits us here!
After lunch at a countryside restaurant (included) we will spend the afternoon at the Grand Egyptian Museum housing the greatest collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts, 50,000 pieces, of which 5,000 belong to the famous child King, Tut Ank Amon
Overnight 5 Star Sheraton Hotel by the Nile, Cairo

DAY 9 – 26th February:  CAIRO
Today, our last day for part 1 of the tour will begin with an early private entry to the
Great Sphinx at Giza, known to be one of the oldest monuments on the planet.  I was told by Source this was a must so make it happen!  We will be on our own between the great paws of this beauty, a place where quantum sound crosses within one another.  This experience will bring your entire journey in this sacred land together.  We will follow this with a visit to the Great Pyramid where you can visit the Kings Chamber.
Overnight 5 Star Sheraton Hotel by the Nile, Cairo

DAY 10- 27th February:  Cairo International Airport or PART 2 – 4 day/3 night extension
Day 10 is where you may leave us if you have chosen just part 1 of your Egyptian journey.  Here you will be looked after by our special driver and taken to Cairo Airport for your flight home.

PART 2  (extension of part 1) OF EGYPTIAN SACRED JOURNEY:  DAY10-13: 27th February-1st March, 2023 – CAIRO – WHITE DESERT (4 days/3 nights)
Today we depart early morning with our van to Oasis Bahariya, approximately 340 km from Cairo.  Bahariya is the nearest oasis to Cairo, surrounded by black hills made up of ferrunginous quartzite and dolerite.  We will stop for lunch and start our tour of the Black Desert – truly amazing.  With ‘Masters of the Desert we are in very good hands as we continue the journey making our way to the White Desert using off road vehicles.  We will stop by the Crystal Mountain and Agabat el Sharkia by sunset and enjoy this time while staff prepare our camp area and a delicious dinner by campfire.  This will be our base for our 2 nights in the desert in tents.  A truly Bedouin experience!
During the day we will visit spectacular sights, taking time to connect and truly embrace the beauty of this land – the white chalky desert, the wind carved formations, all contributing to something you will never forget.  For me it was such a highlight and ‘divine completion’ for my journey last time and I would truly encourage you to join!  The sunset and sunrise is truly breathtaking.  You feel a part of ‘a land without time’ as the elements have formed a natural landscape that is stunning.  The energy here is truly from another dimension.  Your connection to the Stargates and to earth’s sacred doorways becomes highly evolved.

You will have time here to unwind, integrate, write, journal, sing.  Whatever fills your heart!  After 2 beautiful nights under the stars we will drive back to our 5 star hotel in Cairo for our last night together.  We will share a beautiful dinner to unwind, gather our experiences and just BE with each other.  Our magnificent journey is complete!

CLICK HERE for video PART 1 of Sunrise Solstice in the Sahara
CLICK HERE for video PART 2 of Sunrise Solstice in the Sahara

DAY 13 – 1st March, 2023:  Cairo – Airport
For those leaving you will be taken to the Cairo Airport for your departure home after and incredible journey in Egypt –

Ma’a El Salama

Goodbye for now and may peace be with you – the Lands of Egypt
Until I see you again – Victoria

WHAT’S INCLUDED – PART 1:  9 Nights/10 days:
* 3 nights accommodation at Sonesta St. George Hotel, Luxor, Deluxe Nile view rooms B&B (twin share);
* 3 nights accommodation at Movenpick Island Hotel, 5 Stars, Nile view rooms, B&B (twin share);
* 3 nights accommodation at Cairo Sheraton Hotel, 5 Stars, Nile view rooms, B&B (twin share);
*A private English-speaking guide throughout out journey, with a degree in Egyptology;
*A set of prints of divine blueprints and channeled messages from Victoria throughout your journey;
*Language of Light transmissions & channels, meditations, ceremony, healings, sacred oil initiations;
*Air conditioned bus & transport to all sites in itinerary;
*All entry tickets to all sites listed in above itinerary;
*VIP transfers to and from Cairo Airport on your arrival & departure;
*Private entry to the Great Sphinx;
*Entry to Tomb of Seti I, Valley of the Kings;
*Entry to Tomb of Nefetari, Valley of the Queens;
*All breakfasts, some lunches, high tea at the Cataract Hotel;
*Felucca ride on the Nile;
*All tips for drivers, sites, guides
*Local flight tickets (approx USD $245)
*Hot air balloon ride (USD $120);
*Visa for Egypt (approx USD $25);
*Insurances you choose to purchase;
*Accommodation or meals not mentioned;
*Bank and transfers fees both in participant’s country of origin, Australia & Egypt – these are participants responsibility;
*Anything not mentioned in inclusions above for part 1

WHAT’S INCLUDED – PART 2 (an extension of part 1) WHITE DESERT EXTENSION 4 days/3 nights:
*full transport, accommodation and meals for 3 days/2 nights in Bahareya Oasis/White Desert (2 breakfasts, lunches & dinners);
*1 nights accommodation at Cairo Sheraton Hotel, 5 Stars, Nile view rooms, B&B;
*All tips for drivers, sites, guides
*Insurances you choose to purchase;
*Accommodation or meals not mentioned;
*Bank and transfers fees both in participant’s country of origin,  Australia & Egypt – these are participants responsibility;
*Anything not mentioned in inclusions above for part 2

INVESTMENT SACRED EGYPT: Please note only USD is accepted with Egyptian organisers:
Part 1 – 10 days/9 nights USD$3,777.00
(Single supplement USD$825.00)

Part 2 – 4 days/3 nights USD$455.00
(Single supplement for hotel USD$85.00)

*USD $500 deposit required to secure your place (limited spaces available) – please connect with Victoria regarding payments:  SMS 0438165297 or International +61438165297 or email:
DEPOSIT:  If you cancel before 30th June, 2023 you will receive full refund.  The deposit becomes unconditional from 1st July if you cancel.  Of course you receive full refund if your place is filled.

*Second payment due 15th August
*Final payment due 1st January, 2024.
*****Please note:
 all transfer & international banking fees must added and paid by participant.  These are bank fees charged in Egypt – please speak to Victoria.

Regular Payment System Available – contact Victoria
Questions?  Please contact Victoria to discuss trip, ask questions or just say HI!

Manar – 
With a degree in Egyptology and love for ancient Egyptian history, for the last 25 years Manar has guided many tourists all over Egypt exploring ancient sites and energy spots that hold long-forgotten sacred knowledge.

“This will be my third time in Egypt, and I feel very privileged to share this space with my dear friend Manar.  She is such a special and warm person. Not only does she take great care of us, keeping us safe in our environment, she brings with her such deep knowledge of her homeland which she loves completely.  Her heart is wide open and overflowing.  She embraces our spiritual journey and participates in it openly, sharing with her will truly enrich your experience with us” Victoria.

Victoria –  With 20 years experience in spiritual transformation, teaching and facilitation, Victoria has run workshops, retreats, tours, courses and personal sessions in many countries around the world.  She has also channeled a multi-dimensional practitioner course ‘Living Sound Light Systems’ which assist people to deeply remember their ONE connection and teach course participants to assist others to do the same.  She has travelled through the calling of her I AM within her homeland Australia, travelling to Egypt, Singapore, Peru, Bolivia, France, Isreal, Japan, Hawaii, New Zealand and others connecting with the sacred waters, songlines, vibrations and frequencies of the ‘original blueprint’ of earth.  She has been a Blueprinter & facilitator of Language of Light for nearly 20 years, bringing transformational sound and light codes to the planet through the energies of ‘Stone and Star’ – the original blueprints of what we know as ‘earth and heaven’.
“This will be my third journey to ancient Egypt.  I felt that I needed to ground and ‘remember’ this ancient land before offering the experience to others.  It has definitely been a great expression for my soul to prepare and align with this sacred land.  It simply feels like home.  Come join us on this grand adventure!”
More about Victoria:  HERE

Video of our journey in December, 2022:  HERE

I am so grateful for the doorways which have opened and high dimensional activations and codes  received through the personal sessions, events and travels with Victoria Webby. The expansive growth and loving guidance you have brought to my journey is beyond the beyond. I look forward to many more heart openings and where the journey may take us and humanity.   Raven Watson, Australia

If you love ‘out of this world’ meditations, transmissions and a safe space to be the all you are, lots of laughter and soul to soul connections, without having to worry about anything, this could be the journey for you!  An amazing experience in Egypt.  Thank you Victoria – Ingrid Verhagen, Netherlands.