Here’s what you get with the “How To Attract your Soul Relationship” Program


The Soul Relationship system

Eight weekly training modules taking you through the steps to find your soul partner, build a soul relationship, and discover a strong you

Each weekly module comes with:

  • My step-by step process to attract a beautiful Soul partner
  • A powerful Artistic Blueprint, which causes a clearing and vibrational alignment every time you look at it
  • Extra resources to clear and enhance your vibrational frequency at each step such as mp3’s, downloads and expansive tools
  • Worksheets to keep you on track

Modules include:

  1. Myths and Magic – Breaking down the expectations of Twin Flames, Hollywood movies and Fairy tales and learning what a genuine Soul Relationship truly is
  2. How the past affects the present – Learning to understand that your past is your strength and not your weakness.  We will step into the core beliefs that can keep you stuck in past relationships and pains
  3. Co-dependent versus Independent Relationships and learning the difference between conditional and unconditional love – Power of unconditional love and how you can be happy in every relationship in your life without losing yourself
  4. We are so much more than this physical experience - Understanding the connection between our physical, emotional, intellectual & spiritual aspects, and how each can impact on a Soul Relationship
  5. The Power of Your Voice – How to be a better partner in your relationships by speaking and communicating your truth
  6. Heart & Mind – Learn how to create a dynamic force between heart and mind.  Become a vibrational match to the qualities you seek in a Soul Relationship
  7. Power in the presence of NOW – How to make choices that lead to living an extraordinary relationship NOW
  8. What Next - The Big Vision - Putting all that you have learnt and discovered about yourself into action.  Working with tools to maintain the momentum for happiness in your life and in your relationships by tapping into divine timing and synchronicity and creating the most incredible Soul Relationship you know you are worthy of and ready for right now!

Soul Relationship Resources

A unique Artistic Soul Blueprint for each module, clearing, balancing and refining your energy whenever you look at it

Recordings of guided meditations and affirmations to help every step of the way designed specifically for each module

Drumming and chanting recordings to align your vibrations with your Higher Self and shift fears in an instant

Language of Light and Singing bowl recordings that will connect, balance, clear and enhance your energy vibration and natural healing processes

6 months of private mentoring

Soul Relationship Resources

Access to the training online, so you can revisit it as often as you want

Private members-only Facebook group, to share your journey with other women on the same path as you

Email access to me for questions and advice

Access to any live events of Language of Light/Sound specific to the course

Masterclass Special – Action Takers Bonuses

Additional six months support

1-1 session with me, where I give you your individual Language of Light transmission

We’ll meet 1-1 (online) and chat briefly so I can get to know you a little

When we’ve connected and the time is right, we’ll feel the energy change

I’ll channel a special message, just for you

I’ll then translate your message so you’re clear about its meaning

As a bonus I will create for you during our session a small blueprint to connect you to a 3-day activation – I will discuss more about this during our time together online

6 months of private mentoring

30-Day, No-Questions-Asked, Money Back Guarantee

Try out the “How To Attract Your Soul Relationship” Program for a full 30 days. In that 30 days if you feel it’s not for you, just let me know and I’ll give you a no-questions-asked refund.

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