Tempsey Impey – Temple Voice


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“Your heart is ‘symphonic sound’ – your voice the vessel

to touch the Universe”


Stepping into the power and truth of your own voice, you will transition through this multi-versal gateway *”Tempsey Impey” and create incredible union to your own “Soul Sound”.

“Your voice is the greatest ‘balancing tool’ in the Universe – there is nothing more healing than empowering YOU with the ‘sound of light’ that YOU emanate when in union with your Soul”.

Source often says that the core of all our feelings, emotions, thoughts around separation is judgement.  Our own judgement controls the choices we make, the people we connect with and the life we live.  In this session we will enter this arena and go through a powerful exercise to recognise & free judgement (which has always been a choice) in our life and how it has affected our energy and thus the paths we have chosen to take.  We will then utilise the power of ‘the many doors of our great voice’ to transition into a much deeper and truer connection with self and the world we have created.

Through taking a deep breath, opening our hearts & senses, opening our eyes to see within we are well on the way to honouring our great mastery.  Then by allowing our truth, our sound and light to flow through us, it brings deep foundation and growth that permeates incredible innate power to spin within and connect us to our NOW and thus to the ALL, through the greatest instrument of sound in the Universe!

In this 2 hour event with Victoria & David (the last for 2022),  we delve deep into the true Heart-VOICE-Soul connection, take a peek within our deepest spaces, recognise, accept, and re-birth these energies in sacred form to the earth and sound your divine.  It is a celebration with the energies of your Galactic & Universal connections that create a divine vortex of light through the song lines of the earth and the song lines of the heavens.

The codes of joy & music enter the great heart, the codes of wisdom & song (lyrics) enter the great mind, the codes of truth & sound enter the great voice where all are birthed in the cosmic heart of Stone & Star.  Three become ONE in the essence of ‘knowing’, the joy of your great Soul SING~IN~G.

Included:  Divine Blueprint & MP3 (both downloadable).  Language of Light transmissions, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, meditation, voice & sound transmissions & YOU voicing your own sounds in your own divine space.


*Language of Light translation:  Tempsey Impey – Temple Voice