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8th – 18th October, 2023


I am so very excited to be travelling to Singapore in October.  It’s a deep Soul calling to return to sacred soul family that fills my heart!
Please see several events and programmes below.  I so look forward to connecting personally with you again in October.

I am holding 4 days of private sessions:  October 10, 11, 17 & 18.  Investment SGD $188.   3 sessions left

This beautiful and  constructive 1 hour session will take you deeply into your heart. Whatever and wherever your Soul wishes to guide you, we shall go!  Through breath, voice, language of light transmissions & multi-dimensional ‘Living Sound Light Systems’ you will know expansive & diverse transformation.
All sessions can be recorded on you mobile.  Spots are already filling, so if you wish to connect for a personal session please don’t wait until the last minute. SMS me for available slots on the days above:   +61438165297 or email:


GROUP SESSIONS:  It is my absolute joy to be co-facilitating in events with 2 amazing women, as well as a separate weekend event myself.  Bookings are now being taken.  Each group is limited to around 13 participants. —- 1 place left

Sunday 8th October – a full day event with the incredible Ingrid Verhagen from the Netherlands – spaces filled
Tuesday 10th October – an evening event with the amazing Elaine Victoria Yang from Singapore
Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th October – 2 day weekend event with Victoria – 1 place left
Please see all information below.  All sessions are at One Heart Singapore, 167 Geylang Rd.  All sessions require a deposit to secure your booking.  Please note group sessions are limited to 13 participants.

One Day Event with Ingrid & Victoria – “COMING HOME TO LOVE” – Sunday 8th October 10am to 5pm.  Investment SGD$222 (deposit of $100 to secure your spot – please see link above). This event will be held in the Emerald Room at One Heart, Singapore

Come and join us for a full day of self-care, self-presence and soul embodiment. Victoria and Ingrid will take you on a self-healing journey and inspire and support you to relax your minds and bodies, using breath work, movement and sound healing. We will be toning the vagus nerve, reset & calibrate our energy systems and open up our wild beautiful hearts.  Our body-mind will be prepared to receive deep soul activations, language of light, meditations, sound and multi-dimensional attunements and sound healing.
We will step into all this and whatever flows in the momentum of the group.  We will be guided by our higher consciousness in presence, joy and love.
You will take home with you simple techniques that you can use daily to create balance, harmony & joy.
Victoria & Ingrid will also be co-facilitating a 7 day retreat in the powerful energies of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala in November 2024.

Reiki-Language of Light with Elaine & Victoria – “10:10 GATEWAY” –  7.30-8.30pm.  Investment SGD $38 – THIS SESSION IS NOW FULLY BOOKED

This night will be a beautiful experience with the combination of reiki, sound and language of light. Through this powerful 10-10 Gateway you will go deep into multi-dimensional transmissions, healing, connection and regeneration whilst moving deep into a blissful state of being.
This event will be held in the Emerald Room at One Heart, Singapore.  Please arrive at 7.15pm.  Investment $38.00 (please make payment to ensure your place through pay pal on link above or connect with Elaine within Singapore – 94882454).





with Victoria


“In every moment there is presence, on every path there is knowing, in every step there is creation”
How do I choose to manifest and to SEE within,
the ALL that I can BE?

This gathering on the 14th & 15th October is already feeling super powerful in my cells.  I am so looking forward to a very sacred weekend circle with you.  In all simplicity our ‘Souls Love Being’ and this is such a powerful expression of your truth if you allow it.

A message from your Soul:  “From the moment you feel to step into this circle, divine symbols, transmissions of energy, higher vibrational frequency and language will spiral your way.   You will begin to feel subtle shifts and openings in your heart, mind and energy to prepare for our time together consciously, creatively, magnificently”   So BE IT!

For 20 years I have received the message that our heart is the epi-centre of EVERYTHING.  It is time to let go of your old world, time to let go of the ‘old truths’ and embrace the power of  your heart.  Your heart is the MASTER CELL of the Universe, the Cosmos.  It is here that you embrace and co-exist with the core centre of creation, your divine Soul, your Divine I AM.  Your heart, your greatest L.O.V.E. (Light of Voice Eternal) is here on earth to shine:
* Through joy, unravel the layers of your heart, to whisper to your core and engage in deep introspection and retrospection and be guided through the higher frequencies and guidance of your great I AM/Soul;
* Understanding that the multiple levels of your experiences and life expressions are your greatest guides and guardians to you living a life that inspires, intrigues, brings joy and liberation;
* Letting go of all the “haves and have nots” and ‘knowing’ contentment through the ALL of you;
* Exploring avenues that open you to your Cosmic Earth & Cosmic Star Connections (Stone & Star) and deepening your connections to your ‘Starry Seed and Earthly Song’;
* Expand through the multi-dimensional ‘Living Sound Light Systems’;
* We will connect with 2 printed blueprints over the weekend which are printed quantum codes, fields and expressions of sound, colour, light that will assist on all levels;
* There is always new information and channeled messages that happen spontenaously that cannot be listed here.   The weekend will be progressive, deep, insightful and expansive.  You will receive multiple levels of connection through your own expression of Star Beings and Inner Earth Beings through language of light & sound transmissions, activations and integrations
* We will also stand in our power as ‘divine earth & star keepers’ and be guided by some world transmissions for the collective NOW and our sacred soul family on earth – all living consciousness;
* Whatever else flows over the weekend guided by the divine Soul energy of the group;
* Joy, love and laughter will always be our greatest outcome!

A light will step deep into your heart and ignite a path that will open and unfold in the deepest of stillness and the breath of silence – we are LOVE;  we are ONE”

Full Weekend Retreat with Victoria:   Saturday & Sunday:  14th & 15th October – 10am to 5pm daily. Investment SGD $422

Please Note:  a deposit of SGD $100 required to secure your place for all events.  To receive early bird discount final payment must be made by 30th August.  See payment link at top of page.
Questions? Not sure about anything? Please SMS Victoria +61438165297

Munay-Ki Teacher Certificate Course OnlineAbout Victoria Webby:  Victoria is a Visionary and Channel of the heart, who for 20 years has been a divine Blueprinter and multi-dimensional Sound Translator and Linguist in the Language of Light.  She has held many workshops, gatherings and tours across the globe as well as online workshops, courses and meditations.  She is a Munay-Ki Teacher and is the creator of a new, unique and transformational quantum modality called “Living Sound-Light Systems”.  More about Victoria please go HERE

About Ingrid Verhagen: Ingrid lives in the Netherlands.  She is an experienced Soul Yoga & Leadership Guide who loves to empower people to empower themselves. She believes that success and sustainable (self-) leadership start with Joy, not the other way around. And Joy starts with releasing stress and discovering and allowing the magnificence that one already contains, to blossom. Ingrid is passionate about exploring and practicing the power of Ease and about shifting stress into evolutionary drivers of creation. 

About Elaine Victoria Yang: Elaine Victoria Yang is a Usui Reiki Teacher trained under The Reiki Centre Singapore, and has been teaching since 2012 and offering Reiki personal healing sessions since 2011.  For more on Elaine – please go HERE


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