Multi-Dimensional Nervous System Advancement

September Equinox 2021: Embodying our 5D expression on Earth

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“Our most profound Nervous System is the music of our Great Soul communicating and connecting through the multi-dimensional doorways of Universes”

To purchase the entire 5D series:  GO HERE

Through the most profound energies of the September Equinox, we will receive transmissions and ‘waves of sound’ through our Nervous System and our Immune System to continue the expansive remembrance and full embodiment of our 5D SELF-L.O.V.E. (Light of Voice Eternal) through a divine attunement and alignment of our great ‘Super Heart and Super Mind’.

.  Language of Light transmissions, channeled voice toning, sound, meditation through Victoria and  David will play the crystal singing bowls & crystal harp;

.  refinement, regeneration and recalibration of our nervous system & immune systems through the multi-dimensional healing temples (including the Healing Temple of Sekhmet);

.  CNS advancement through Andromeda, body streaming through Arcturus, colour alignment through Pleiades;

.  attunement and alignment of our divine Multi-dimensional systems and continued expansion for the time: 2020-2044;

. align with our ‘sacred temple’ (physical being) through our unique ‘Soul Song’;

.  divine blueprint & template of sound and light to assist ongoing transmissions and integration through your I AM;

.  you will receive a downloadable blueprint and mp3 of our session for continued expansion & advancement;

.  if you cannot attend personally you can purchase the recordings of the event to listen when convenient – please use payment links.

Background:  In 2019 a series of advanced Nervous System attunements were implemented by Creation to assist in the advancement of humanity from the year 2020. Looking back I can see why this series was created. In 2019 there were multi-dimensional connections through our systems through the Solstices & Equinoxes.  In 2020 we received further upgrades through the Equinox energies and in 2021 we continue the advancement.  

Payment:  Please pay through bank account if possible or PayPal link at top of page or through:

Zoom Link:  will be sent to you on booking.

We look forward to sharing this incredible space and energy with you, Victoria & David