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“Your heart is the ‘Gateway of Luminosity’ that bridges worlds

and merges ALL into the voice of ONE”

Monthly Group Connection

“We are the Voice of Star & Stone”


For 20 years Source has spoken of the heart as the ‘master cell’ – the most majestic and pure energy, not only in our Sacred Temple (our subtle bodies) but indeed within the entire Universe – our divine communion within the Cosmos and the epicentre of our Be-In-g.  I have always been asked to focus my connection & expansion through the heart.  Victoria

“Our hearts are ONE innate and infinite system of cellular flow and divine movement of sound and light”

Monthly Group Connection 
Through the series “Heart Mastery – The Divine Code”, we will honour this multi-dimensional field of sacred energy and explore and expand our connection to this most majestic “Bridge of luminous rainbows” that IS your heart, the cosmic flow in the everything.
This group connection will inspire dreaming, imagination, stepping you beyond the ordinary, and will ask you to journey & connect into a more expanded version of yourself, step into new territory and extend you into your multi-dimensional energies.  

This is your time to remember your majesty and your unique connection in this Universe!

What’s Included in your Monthly Subscription:
* LIVE Meditation, Transmissions, Activations & Channel:  a very powerful one hour live monthly online group session which will incorporate messages for the energies of the moment, powerful activations and Language of Light transmissions, sound such as crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, crystal harp, voice toning & transformational meditations.  Every session stands alone in content.  Join sessions any time during the year;
* Monthly Divine I AM-Soul Blueprint (a downloadable artwork that is filled with Language of Light codes, light, colour, sound & high frequency & vibrational energies) – ready for the live Sunday session for you to connect with during the group live – this will be sent in jpeg form;
* 2  Language of Light Transmissions every month (I would anticipate around 10-15 minutes), or other information around the full moon and new moon times;
*downloadable mp3’s of all recordings;
* Private Facebook group to share all zoom files & connect with Victoria and group;
*Victoria may post additional content.

When:  NOW and continues in a live zoom session the fourth *Sunday of the month at 7.30pm-8.30pm Hobart, Australia (both AEST & AEDT).  Recordings will be available for those that can’t attend live.

Investment:  Monthly or Yearly Investment/Subscription:  AUD$24 per month or AUD$244 annually (saving of $44).  Payments will be set up through subscription or direct debit system.

To Register:
MONTHLY subscription:  GO HERE 
YEARLY subscription (save 2 months):  GO HERE 

Refund Policy:  If paying monthly you can cancel at any time (there will be no refund for unused portions).
For Annual Subscription you can cancel at any time but no refunds will be given for unused portions (although you can access the course materials through your prepaid timeframe).

**Victoria’s teachings are always based through the heart that we are all ONE.  Even though for ease we may use names like Goddess etc., just as we use our own names in this world, they are always us, we, me, I.  There is no separation, it is simply a name.

Divine I AM – SOUL Blueprints through Victoria