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    Tuesday, 28th June, 2022 @ 8.00pm AEST

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    AUD $444.00 - 20% off Facebook special to 13th June, 2022

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Join the “Language of Light Scholarship” competition where 1 person will win the entire course for free – will be drawn 13th June, 2022

Beginning Tuesday, 28th June, 2022 will be a comprehensive 7-week series online course and teachings on understanding of what the Language of Light is and your divine connection to the Language of the divine Soul, Universal Heart & Universal Mind.

The Language of Light resides within a network in your energy fields of expanded awareness.  The course is designed to give you extensive opportunities to ‘switch on your networks’,  to speak, write, chant, sound, sign and intuit the Language of Light and bring a deep and transformational journey.

The Language of Light moves beyond the ‘linear mind’ and is instrumental is connecting with that higher aspect of yourself to create a beautiful space for self-healing and assisting others if they so choose.  The Language of Light breaks down and through barriers that the linear mind and fear keeps you stuck in – you simply cannot connect with the Language of Light from that lower vibration.

This course will assist those that are just beginning, those that are already doing some sort of activity such as meditation or group work or just listening to speakers, podcasts etc and for those that are practitioners and want to enhance their skills or add something new to their modality as well as another way of streaming a beautiful income.  It assists in all aspects of life!

“The knowledge and wisdom of the Language of Light resides in your expansive energies – like stars in the Universe so your codes are ready to shine.  Every sound in your being is linked to its Source and to the “Language of Worlds”.  Your keys are ready to be remembered, aligned and ignite to shine the pathways of connection to the ONE”

There will be several topics which will run weekly as live and online sessions.  I will be introducing one topic per week, with channelled messages & energy.  Where possible, join every session as I can guarantee that the more sessions you attend, the deeper the transition and opportunities to expand your own experience.

Can’t attend live?  All sessions are recorded and you can follow at your own pace.  All materials are supplied as if you were live in the class!

7 Week Experiential Course Includes

  • Sessions – there will be 7 live zoom sessions in all ( 2 hour sessions each week) which you can attend live or listen to recordings.  It is usual for there to be a couple of extra live sessions over the 7 week period;

  • We will cover various topics related to understanding and awakening your divine senses to Language of Light, and information on how YOU can utilise this multi-dimensional ‘Heart & Soul Language’ for enhancing your life on all levels;

  • Light Language Activations & Transmissions – to help activate and expand your energy field and ‘asleep’ DNA codes, awakening the remembrance of your natural ability to connect with and channel Language of Light;

  • Group Practices & Exercises – to give you an opportunity to practice, share, and connect with others;

  • Invitation to Facebook Group page to share your experiences and join in the journey together – all downloads will be available here and any further transmissions I may record for the group;

  • Q & A – An opportunity to ask questions and share experiences with myself and others in the sessions either live or in the Facebook Group page;

  • Mp3’s of Sessions you will receive recordings of all sessions either via Zoom video or mp3 through the Facebook Group page;
  • Downloads of all materials used you will receive all copies of any materials presented in the 7 sessions through the Facebook group page;
  • Personal Transmission Session – a personal 1-1 transmission for each person to assist integration of all that has been learned (this is usually in a smaller group situation)
  • Sometimes we do an extra transmission or session – this is complimentary

Week 1 – Introduction, Preparation & Alignment – 5D Nervous System & Sacred Sound “Chord” and opening to receive, attune and transmit the Language of Light

In the first week of the course we will expand our awareness and ‘remembrance’ into our innate ability and connection with the Language of Light.   What is it?  Where did it come from?  Why now are we utilising the gifts and what will it mean to the collective?  How is it helping to assist consciousness?  Why have I (you) chosen to transmit the Language of Light now?  Why have I (you) not chosen to?

Through our ‘5D Nervous System’, we will ‘switch on’ sacred keys or sound and light codes of our musical chord, our ‘Spinal Chord’ and weave these cosmic vibes into a inter-dimensional matrix.  There will be Language of Light Transmissions to assist and clear any hindrance you may have to connecting to your innate ability to speak, sing, sign, write, intuit and use your multi-dimensional faculties to communicate the sound and light energy codes as you are guided.

Weeks 2-7   We will continue the journey through the weeks to give you the greatest opportunity to ‘open your circuitry’ to the expansive world of multi-dimensional frequencies and to set free any belief systems you may hold to align and balance your journey with the Language of Light.  This will be done through awareness and presence – learning the ability to be very centred, grounded and aligned to receive and transmit the Language of Light.

This will be a very ‘hands on’ experiential course where every week you will be asked to perhaps step out of your comfort zone to discover more about yourself and who you are in this life experience in the NOW through this multi-dimensional connection.  A lot of the information coming through will be channeled direct through Victoria.

Some of the material we will cover over the 7 weeks together (not necessarily in order):

  • You receive  downloadable power point, zoom & audio mp3’s from every session, a downloadable copy of all multi-dimensional blueprints & materials used;
  • 7 sessions of deep Soul Alignment and quantum shifts and expansion;
  • Awareness & Alignment and to be at peace with and open to remembrance of your role with the Language of Light in this life and to receive with grace;
  • Expansion of the 5D nervous system and the ‘sound chord’ – your multi-dimensional music;
  • Speaking the Language of Light – oral exercises and practise
  • Singing/toning – chant codes and sounds of the Language of Light to open  your voice and your multi-dimensional sound keys and song lines;
  • Writing the Language of Light – practise to get the flow going
  • Intuiting & connecting to the many languages and Realms – Star Seeds, Elementals, Earth Keepers, Angelics, Earth – ALL of the ONE VOICE;
  • Drawing your own Language of Light symbols and code
  • Signing the Language of Light – let it move, let it flow

Who Will This Course Benefit?

This course is open to individuals with all levels of experience with Language of Light. Whether new, experienced or simply curious I feel you will benefit from the sessions.


  • Newbies – feeling curious or even a bit nervous – you are in the right place;
  • Curious and want to see where it takes you;
  • You don’t feel you quite have a grasp of your Language of Light skills and want to enhance your connection & methods;
  • Expanding your healing practice;
  • Artists who wish to channel Language of Light in their art;
  • Healers, Energy Workers;
  • Sound Practitioners;
  • Blueprinters;
  • Channels & Mediums;
  • Open your energies to higher multi-dimensional frequencies;
  • Expansion of their voice;
  • Expand the nervous system & initiating divine sound & light codes – “switching on circuitry”;
  • Expand connection to Source/Guides/Guardians/ONE;
  • People going through deep transition, transformation and growth;
  • If you would like to take your experiences with the Language of Light deeper;
  • Expand your healing into a more conscious, present and aware practice;
  • Offer yourself and clients a deeper experience in connection and community;

If you felt drawn to any of the above, this Language of Light Course might be perfect for you!

More information on anything you will need will come closer to start date or please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 


“This course will give you expansive opportunities to open and understand the deeper meaning of the Language of Light.  I cannot say whether you will walk away speaking the Language of Light after this course – that will be up to you and your beautiful Soul Path.  I will say however, that it will give to you the greatest space to shift and flow deeply within, it will create a platform for change, opening to the diverse languages of the multi-dimensional realms and will create deep connection of this “Language of the great Heart, Mind & Soul that will enhance and enrich your life always, and open you to the greatest and most profound expansion of your heart”

In deepest appreciation through our Great Cosmic Heart,


About Victoria


Victoria lives in Tasmania, Australia and has been speaking, singing, toning, writing, intuiting and creating artistic blueprints & multi-dimensional keys in the Language of Light for over 18 years.

She has travelled to many different countries, taking crystals to specific waters, voicing codes, bringing through Source light through Language of Light, voice tones and codes to Earth to assist humanity on their journey home to heart.

She has led groups and workshops in many countries introducing people to their innate wisdom within. The Language of Light is a huge part of Victoria’s path on Earth.

“I now have a deep calling to share the knowledge and wisdom I have ‘remembered’ and assist people to open to their multi-dimensional frequencies in a way that will shift their life beyond measure.  It is such an amazing experience and so natural for all of us to connect and communicate in this “Soul Language – the Language of the Great Heart and Mind”.  Please join me and lets have the most amazing experience by shedding any fears and to open our ‘wonderful and amazing everything’ – to remember that we are on earth TO BE joy, TO BE happiness and TO BE our greatest expression of awareness and love”.  

We are eternal beings of One

We are Love;  We are One

Message & Language of Light Blessing through Victoriathere are 2 short but different messages in Language of Light from our diverse multi-dimensional energies.  Breath in and out, relax and try not to ‘think’ with a linear mind.  Let yourself simply experience and ask to receive through your I AM Presence:



Victoria, when I would doubt myself, you lovingly held my hand through all these doubts, just as you did for others in the group to stay in my truth and even enjoy the journey. You made a worrying student happy and excited about learning this beautiful practice and art! Couldn’t have had a better teacher in ANY WORLD to learn this.    Thank you so much, Samridhi, Sydney, Australia

With Love and deep gratitude to you for this journey. Truly incredible, above and beyond and always such a joy to be learning from you and to be in your presence. You are the real deal, true, authentic and incredibly gifted and I always love your go with the flow in the now moments of learning and connections where the most deep shifts and activations occur. Thank you for these connections. Thank you for being you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Jasmine, South Australia

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