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Shifting Tides - 20 & 22-02-2022

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20 & 22 February, 2022

Time to come home.

Time to realise your highest expression of love on earth.

“Tides of change are creating a divine and diverse opportunity to build bridges of heart and mind, to welcome your highest potential to the home that has always been.  You are eternal and ever-present in everything”.

Course is now complete – purchase the recording through the PayPal link above.

Join us on Sunday, 20th and Tuesday 22nd February (20-02-2022 & 22-02-2022) at 8pm AEDT.  A dynamic and momentus opportunity to open your hearts and minds more fully and explore the grandness of your Soul.

Two years ago I was with a beautiful group in Egypt.  On the 20-02-2020 we were asked to be in the Temple of Isis (Auset) and on the 22-02-2020 at the Great Pyramid.  We will connect to the NOW of this bridging and expansive rainbow light that spread across the world at that time and embrace our inner sanctum of “super heart and super mind” through a divine rainbow bridge of One.

Session One:  Building bridges and creating an inspired and ‘new reality’ in a multi-dimensional world.  Victoria & David – Language of Light transmissions, sound, singing bowls, meditation

Session Two:  Victoria & David will be joined by Raven Watson (Raven Butterfly).  We will finish this session with Reiki & Language of Light transmissions to the “Worlds of Souls” through a voice of unconditional love.

All proceeds from this gathering will go to the further education of children in India (

Have a beautiful life!

Shenaya OM!




Shifting Tides - 20 & 22-02-2022