12-12 & 21-12 Advanced Super-Link

"A New World awaits through the Mastery of your Soul"

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    2 hours per session

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    12/12: 3-5pm; 21/12: 8-10pm AEDT

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    $55.00 for both sessions

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12/12 & 21/12, 2021 Advanced Super-Link

Event Details


Embracing an Advanced World through Joy, Wisdom & Love


As we flow the energies of 12-12-2021 through to 21-12-2021 we are entering into an advanced ‘super link’, a ‘super energy network’ of sound and light that will spiral us into a giant leap of greater awareness.  The great divine Earth and the many galaxies and universes are supporting us as we braid into our personal and planetary matrix a unique sound and frequency that will upgrade our ‘innate BE-in-g’ as never before.

Our energies are undergoing deep and magnificent transition.  The masks of old worlds are coming away as the mirror is placed before us.  No longer can we turn away and ignore the old paradigms.  Rather, we stand before them in courage with the intimate and innate power we hold within and step forward together.

The old world within and without is breaking down as walls tumble and fall.

“You are preparing for a most magnificent leap in consciousness as you continue to break through the barriers and reach for the stars.  There has been no time on earth AS NOW, where that of divergent actions will open and be seen and ultimately succumb to the truth of the great ALL.  

The truth is spiralling up and out from the old beliefs that were held in illusion and shadow.  

Hearts and minds will crack wide open and together come to balance and seed a new and magnificent collective thought that inspires a VOICE OF ONE.  

The seeding of a new divine era has begun.  

And so IT IS”.

Programme:  Sunday 12-12-2021 & Tuesday 21-12-2021:  Over two sessions we will enter the ‘super link’ and shift into our divine.  We will utilise the energy of 2 divine blueprints  inspired through this time.

Through Language of Light, voice sounds/tones, channeled meditation, singing bowls, crystal harp and the flow in the NOW,  we will break down the barriers and come together as a collective voice, open hearts and open minds.  As always, the programme is loose and spontaneous, flowing with the energy in the NOW (No – Other – Way).  I look forward to our time together!  Victoria

Other Inclusions:   A download of each blueprint sent to your email prior to the session.

A recorded mp3 of each session sent to your email inbox after the session.

Dates & Times:  Sunday 12th December:  3-5pm AEDT (daylight saving time Hobart, Tasmania)

and Tuesday 21st December:  8-10pm AEDT

Payment:  If within Australia please direct debit into my account if possible (sms for details 0438165297)  or use PayPal link top of page.  If International please see PayPal link at top of page

Can’t make it to the live zoom sessions?

Purchase Recording:  You can also purchase the recordings/mp3 & blueprints for yourself or as a gift for someone else.   They will be sent to you at the conclusion of each session.  Click on the link or send to my bank account and label “Recordings”.

Can’t make it to one of the sessions?  That’s absolutely fine, just purchase and then connect with me to let me know which session you will be attending (mobile 0438165297/ International. +61438165297 or email:  thecosmicdoorway@live.com)


Double exposure portrait of a young woman close eye face with galaxy space inside head. Human inner peace, star light fire, life zen girl love, rpa ai concept. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

12/12 & 21/12, 2021 Advanced Super-Link

Spirals of the mind series. Human head profile, eye symbol and abstract orbiting structures on the subject of science thinking and education.
sound waves