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Around 15 years ago I was told that the way Australia is governed will change and in fact, that this country will be an example for the future world.  Cultures would come together and birth something very different and very ‘new’.
It seems as we observe what has happened in Australia’s history and what is happening now, this may appear as a far-away dream but when I observe from a different space I can clearly see this to be happening.

A channel came through yesterday in a cafe.  As I sat there I ‘took notes’ listening to the conversation of some of the Earth’s divine starry Guardians.  I transcribed as the information flowed  in the order ‘spoken’:

“This morning, as a world lets go there is a great reckoning, a revealing of old ways.  The ground force of light is unwavering in focus.  It will not be contained.  It will appear in many forms and in many ways.  It will split apart and come together. It will crack wide open and force and enforce choices that will bring people to the core of their shadow, to their deepest fear.  All ways, every role and every path is perfect, there is no one better than another, simply different.
It is time to BE.

There is a field of light now ready to tap into.  A luminous filter of love spinning and spiralling through the divine matrix of the earth.  Stretch forth your hands, open your great hearts and minds and reach into the cosmic vibe, the pulse that now sings to your cells and creates a new dynamic life force within your DNA.  It is time to surrender all belief systems that would hold you separate from the space of NOW, from the infinite love that you are.
Australia – where you see great worlds dividing do not falter, do not fall.  Honour the truth that is within you, as a great divide also means a great rebirthing.  Old ways and ancient worlds are shedding but also balancing and restructuring into a new form to step forward together.  The warriors of the streets and the peace keepers of the hearts are entering a new phase to journey together – one will balance the other and the divine middle will be merged and expressed.

All misguided agendas will be recognised and brought to light.  All will find their balance in timing.  Trust that the ‘Guardians of the many Galaxies’, indeed the Universes are stepping forward as a collective to bring a new political structure and to free the many minds to guide a global transition.   Together is the way forward.

The ‘divine of truth’ is lifting from within the divine and original blueprint of the earth.  Ancients of land and Ancients of Sea are reconfiguring the codes for the new land to breathe a new breath.  “We come to the null, the great void and the zero of all time and space to sing codes into the breath of an awakened land, a new earth.  There are codes from the immediate Galaxy and Universe entering and re-patterning the life force and recalibrating new waves of sound and light.  
The Guardians of the Galaxy, that of the great Councils of Light, will sit within the Parliaments and create a voice of One.  Wisdoms from all cultures, all Stars will combine.  The knowing of the land will meet the knowing of the Stars and converge a new way, where all step forward equally and together.  The Souls have been readied and are awaiting the signals of the Earth – the great Mother and Father Creation Codes. 
There is a conscious, collective ‘love force’ aligned.  An intertwining of a ‘seed of sound ready to be birthed from Nuna, Gondwana, the many lands of ancient forms and the Stellar Stars. This pulse has already begun, spinning its light around the world.
Egos will be challenged and ultimately rested, for the bringing of the  ‘ONE of the ALL’.
The way forward is through the great presence of mind and heart balanced”. 
More conversation
“For eons of time those that walk the earth have adjusted their ‘Temples of Sound-Light’ (human bodies/energies) to attune to the ‘cosmic sounds of the earth’.  Now the alignment of these Temples  are ready to assist the transition and to open the path to consciously creating a new world.  This will be written into and through the sacred scripts of Star and Stone and the balancing of the human chord of song (spinal cord/nervous system).

The earth is lifting, rising through the great elements and the ‘Temples of Sound-Light’ (human bodies/energies) will receive with balance and equilibrium.  They are ready.  They know as their cells have been shifting enormously to meet this transition.

The flames that have brought the destruction and rebirthing, the waters that flow and turn the tides, the winds that breathe free the bonds, and the earth that sustains the balance, will continue to remove the focus from the man-made concepts and open the realisation that to thrive and prosper the truth is within the realisation that they are TO BE ONE with the natural flow of the divine elements on earth.  And in that all will come to rest.

Voices and codes are ready.  Voices will rise from the depths of the oceans and the grains of the sands and a wave, a life force will spin and spring new life.  Water and earth, winds and fires are calling together and becoming ONE.  

Allow no room for fear, rejoice in all that you are experiencing and expressing.  You have been awaiting this moment in time.

Trust in who you are.  The moment is NOW.
Blessed Be in JOY!”

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